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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Hi guys! The program I danced for is over. It was Fabulous!!!! ^_^ And March break is over (waay over). And I'm gonna be gone to a party soon at 7 later on. Schools been going well, and pretty much nothing else has happened. So whats going on with you guys here? Anything interseting?? Since the program is over, we're having a celebration party tomorrow! Cool huh? I really psyched about it. And we have soooooo much homework going on! Its unbelievable! But it seems like the year has gone by so fast for school huh? And I haven't been on MyO lately either... I'm sorry if I don't visit your sites too often guys... *forgive me* But I will try my best! *optimistic again* For now, bye everyone!!

p.s. Please try to comment on my posts! I enjoy reading them so please either comment or PM me. Thankies! ^_^

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Friday, March 2, 2007

   March Break!!!!
Hello all you lovely people, I'm on my March break (it just started today..). How about for you guys? Gee, I haven't posted in a looong time have I? Its just that with all my homework and a HUGE Math assesment coming up at the end of the year, its been really hard to visit MyO too much. Plus I have another cultural dance program coming up on March 18th. And I won 3rd place in the Districts of chess, which means I'm now going on to the provincials! ^_^ And I also have a major singing competition coming up later in April. Wow! Even thats waay too much for me! Oh, plus I have a variety show coming up in our school after March break in which I'll be singing. So thats all the stuff thats going on with me. How about you guys? Busy lately? Oh and Happy Late Valentines Day!!!! I feel so bad I'm telling you all this now... Anyways, have an awesome March break and keep on commenting, and if you want, you guys can PM me about your comments as well. I'd love to read them!! ^_^ Well, I guess I see you guys later, bye everyone!!!! ^_^
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Thursday, February 15, 2007

   Hi Everybody!!!!!!!!
Hi everyone! I'm realllllly sorry for not being on MyO so much.I have lots of homework and stuff nowadays. I hope u guys are all fine though. I know some people have started new sites and all so I will come by and sign your GB as soon as I can. I'll write back soon!! Bye!!! ^_^

P.S. Keep on leaving many comments!! ^_^

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Sunday, December 31, 2006

   Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy New Years to everyone here at MyOtaku!!!!!!!! Wish you guys a very prosperous new year!!! ^_^ I'm sooo excited!!!! Its just the afternoon here where I live, but we're going to a New Years party at around 7. And guess what? We have some guests over. They came yesterday and are leaving tomorrow. So its been real fun! ^_^ And u guys? What are u guys doing for New Years?? I'd love to know so type those comments in!!!! Bye for now!! ^_^

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Monday, December 18, 2006

   Christmas is coming!!!

Sailor Senshi celebrating Christmas! ^_^

Finally its almost here! Christmas!! I'm very excited how about you guys? And by the way, how have you guys been doing? Yesterday, my friend and her family came and visited us and stayed for supper. It was really fun. She even got me a early Chritmas present! It was some cool keychaines from different parts of the world and some jewellry! ^_^ We all had an awesome time. And our Christmas vacation starts this Friday!!! Its a half day. I'm also going shopping to get gifts for my friends today too! ^_^ Not to mention, I have some ideas to give some X-Mas gifts for my MyO friends too! ^_^ I'll be making them soon. I'm also going to change my theme to something more Christmassy. So if anyone has some good Anime Christmas Wallpaper links please do PM me and tell. Its very important to me thats why...lol ^_^. So yeah, everything's going well for me. I request everyone to commenmt and tell me about your Christmas plans-- cause I so enjoy reading them!! ^_^ Hope you guys do! Anyways, I've gotta go, so goodbye everyone!!!!! ^_^

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Monday, December 4, 2006

   Hiya Guys! Its Winter!! (Well, not really... lol)
Hey everyone! Whats everyone been up to? Here right now its snowing very bad. All the trees are completely white. You could say this is our first biggest snowfall to start off winter. What about where you guys live? Is it snowing there too? Anyways, I was just really bored (even though I have homework...)and came onto MyO and decided to post. I wanted a Beautiful Winter or Christmas Wallpaper, but sadly can't find any thats too good looking. So if you guys want to help go ahead. Just PM me the site for the wallpapers, and I'll really be grateful to you! ^_^ Other than that, there's not much going on around here. I certainly haven't been getting too many comments on my posts either.... are they really that BORING??? Please tell me if they are, cause I will improve! LOL... Well, my Mom and little brother are shoveling out our driveway, so I think I better help before I get in trouble.... *thinking* *I better finish that homework too...* So guys so long for now!! I'll see you guys soon! ^_^
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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

   I'm back!!
Hi guys! How have you all been doing? Guess what? Our library now has huge collections of Manga!!!! I'm sooo happy!! I only knew of that since my little brother and his friend found them and brought one back to me(it was Fruits Basket). It was such good manga!!!! So I'm really happy about that.. Lets see, well, I don't have too much homework now. And all my grades are in the high 90's so I'm really proud. Can you guys believe that Christmas is just a month away?? It seems so fast that the year started and all. I mean, even the school year seems to be going on fast! But I really can't wait for Christmas!! I just love to get into the Holiday spirit. Don't you? My faveourite part about Christmas though, is Decorating! We get to decorate the trees, houses and inside!! Yes, I know what your all thinking, you must be like, man, doesn't she like presents then? Of course I do! But for me, I just love decorating! ^_^ How about you guys? Oh yeah, this week on the 25th, my family and I are going to a Dinner party at one of my friends' house. It going to be soo much fun! My other friends are going to be there too, so I'm really looking forward to it! ^_^ And yes, the parents are going to be there too, but I really don't care... Well, gotta go now, Please leave some comments for me to read! ^_^ You know I love to!! ^_^ Bye everyone!!! ^_^
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Saturday, November 4, 2006

   A new Heavenly Theme!! ^_^

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Hi guys! I've been meaning to change my theme for weeks! And now I've finally done it!! I'm so happy now.. So how do you guys like it? And whats been going on with everyone? Did you guys get lots of candy on Halloween? I sure did! ^_^ It was really fun too! Guess what? Its suppose to snow here today, but so far nothing. I'm pretty bored too, thats why I came on to MyO. By the way, my dance program went excellent!!! I had soooo much fun!!! The boys there did a dance as well, but I think it was us girls who did waay better--no offence to boys that is. I also sang two songs, one with my little brother and one solo. But there was one little hitch, when we were done our dances we were going into the changing room where all us girls had put our jewellry and our other clothes. When we tried to open the door, it was locked!!!! We were all so freaked out! Even our shoes and coats were in there cause we were dancing!! And that night it was also a little chilly and was raining a bit.. so when the people were about to do the fireworks we had to get other people's coats and shoes to go and watch!! Unfortunatly we couldn't get the stuff that night cause the owner of the place didn't have the keys with him so the next morning at 8:30, all of us girls went back their with our Mom's and got the keys, opened the lock, and got all our stuff back. It was pretty hectic but it was all worth it! Cause that day was so totally fun!! ^_^ Well, thats all for today, I hope you guys liked the post! Please leave some comments about it, and feel free to PM me sometime too! ^_^ I love reading your replies so send them soon!! ^_^ Bye guys!!! ^_^

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

   Hey there!
Hello all you lovely people!! LOL! How's everyone going? I know for a fact I'm doing great! ^_^ Guess what?! I'll be doing another performance on October 21st for a Function!!! I'm gonna be doing 2 dances and singing 2 songs. One song is with my little bro, and the other song I'm singing solo. The 2 dances I'm doing are group dances. So you see I've been pretty busy practising and doing my school homework! But I just can't wait for October 21st!!!! Wish me luck guys! ^_^ Sorry for the short post, but I gotta go! See ya!! ^_^
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Sunday, September 3, 2006

New theme everyone! ^_^

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Hi there everyone! This is my brand new theme hope everyone likes it!! Guess what? School is going to start for me the day after tomorrow!!! Has school starting for all you guys yet? I'm quite excited about it. BTW, This pic I put up is cute huh? I loved it! Please do comment on my posts and PM me if you'd like. I'd love to hear from all of you! ^_^ Well, so long for now! Sorry this is such a short post! ^_^ Bye! ^_^

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