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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I started reading a book called "The Book Thief" I really like it.

Oh yeah, the other day, my class had to correct two history assignments we did. So, the boy next to me found one of the two sheets and put it on my desk so he could look for the other one. He was looking for it the whole time we were in history. It got annoying! But at the end of the period, he finally flipped over the assignment he already found, and the second one was on the back the whole time! I lol'ed at that really loud...

This one boy described me as "mysterious" one time. I don't think I seem the mysterious type. Well, maybe it's because I don't talk that much at school.

Yesterday, in band, my friend was gagging a lot. So I told her to go to the restroom or something, but she didn't want to. And I kept on asking her if she was ok, and she kept on saying she was fine. When my director said, "Ok Alto Saxes, play," my friend burst out the door! Everyone was staring at me and I started to play. Even after I was done playing, everyone was still looking at me. She walked back in and she told me she threw up. o.O Good thing it was the end of the day.

The girl's basketball team at my school are getting sweatshirts with their names on them. I am not on the basketball team because I don't really like basketball, but I am their "official scorekeeper." lol So the coach said I could get a sweatshirt with my name on it too and I get to go to all the away games which means, getting out of school early! Yay!

Today we got a new kid. He used to go to my old school, but I barely remember him.

I forgot my algebra homework. I'll just do it tomorrow morning. It sucks that the first class I have is algebra!!!

Oh yeah, today, my friend said she found out something shocking. She currently lives with her mom and step-dad and she hasn't seen her real dad since she was 8. She told me that her mom finally told her that her real dad was dead! o.O And her real dad has been dead for quite a while!!! My friend said that her real dad's brother was into bad things, so he tried helping him. But, her real dad was murdered.
I thought that was crazy and that reminded me of when I slept over at her house that one night. I remember she was saying "Daddy, don't go." In her sleep. It terrified me and my other friend who was sleeping over. And not only that, after she said that phrase, she started breathing hard and fast, so we were afraid that she would hyperventilate. When she woke up, she said she didn't have a dream and she didn't remember anything that happened. A week after we slept over, she was really sad at school. She said she dreamt about her dad dying. So maybe, subconsiously(sp?) she knew the truth the whole time...

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