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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Have an awesome Super Bowl Sunday!
Thursday, I was soooo nervous about saying my student council speech in front of everyone. When I got up to say it, I was shaking and my legs got weak. I wasn't sure if I did good or not!

That same night, I had tennis lessons. My friend and I were nervous, but our instructor turned out to be nice and funny! :)

Friday was the results of the student council elections. I was re-elected treasurer! Yay! I feel bad though because the person I beat has tried to be treasurer 5 times, but has never been elected.

Last night, I stayed over at my friend's house because she turned 13! I had a lot of junk food. And we watched Sydney White and Saw 4. We wrote started giving each other massages. lol And my friend wrote "I óż Edward" with lotion on her leg and I wrote "I óż Jasper" on my leg. Then She wrote "twilight" on her arms and I wrote "rox" on mine. lol Then, she started doing my make-u. It started out normal. She put light green eyeshadow on my eyes and then, she put bright blue eyeliner on me! Then, she used the bright blue eyeliner as lipliner on me and the eyeshadow as lipstick. I looked really weird!

I changed my theme to Katamari! Have a super Super Bowl Sunday!

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