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Monday, January 21, 2008

Hi. Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!!!
It's great to be back!!! I had actually a sorta fun time in Las Vegas. The shows I saw were very awesome. ^^

The whole week I came back to school, we had a sub. My class never really learned anything from him because he never explained things to us. So, that whole week, I was confused. Last week, my teacher piled a bunch of homework on all of us. It took me forever to finish all of it!!!!

I found out my grade for the Constitution Test and I got 33/37 on the multiple choice part and I got 39/40 points on the essay part! ^_^ I was very happy that I didn't fail!!!

We had crazy hair day on Friday at my school. My hair was very messy and it looked really weird from the back! lol I was surprised that a bunch of the students in my school didn't participate in crazy hair day. =Z

On Saturday my family and I went down to San Diego and looked at colleges for my sis. On the wasy back home, we looked at more colleges. It was soooooo boring to me!!! But I think the one I liked most was Irvine. lol

I have been reading more often than I used to. I am not really reading manga, but more normal books. I find books more enjoyable than I used to think. I started reading more because I started reading the Twilight series. And I started reading the Twilight series because of you guys on myO!!! So, I have to thank you guys for getting me into reading again! ^_^


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