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Monday, December 31, 2007

I was going to post on Christmas, but I was playing with all the gifts I got, so I didn't really get to it. lol Well, I got Guitar Hero III (I sorta expected it), Phoenix Wright 2&3, Beautiful Katamari (an enteratining game), and a purse. My cousins came over the weekend before Christmas and they stayed until Christmas. It was fun! ^_^

I went to my friend's party on Friday. My friend's mom gave all 9 of us a dollar, except for the birhday girl. The rule was we had to buy one thing from Dollar Tree and the birthday girl was going to have to wear all of it. So we bought a shower cap, a camo hat, a bra, underwear, and other funny things. The birthday girl wore it and we went around town and she had to wear it the rest of the day. lol

We also went on a scavenger hunt, which was really fun. When it got dark, my friends and I played hide and seek in her neighborhood. Here were the rules. If you were it, and you saw someone, you had to run to the safe spot and say their name. And of course, if you are hiding, you want to get to the safe spot without getting seen. It is a fun, but scary game because it is in the dark. There is a field across from my friend's house and we could even hide in there. I was to scared to go in the field!!!

We went back inside, turned off all the lights and told scary stories. They weren't that scary. But my friend was telling us about when a gang member guy went into her grandma's house and she had to stay on the phone with her grandma while her mom was on the phone with the police. Then, we heard a knocking on the door while my friend was telling the story. None of us wanted to get it. lol But one of my friends got up and opened the door. It turned out that it was my mom, who came to pick me up. lol

I saw National Treasure yesterday. I liked it! ^_^

I changed my theme to Kobato! She reminds me of Christmas because she is kind and giving.
It is already New Year's Eve, so maybe I am going to change my theme again.

Well, Happy New Year's Eve everyone! ^_^

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