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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wow! This is my first post in 5 months!! I'm sorry for leaving, but I will try and post more often.

theO changed and ever since that, there have been less people going on myO and stuff. It's kinda sad, really.

Ok. So what have I been doing this summer? Well, I had summer school for the first five weeks and it was really boring!! I've also been playing softball and tennis!! =D

Alrighty, I hope everyone has had a great summer and will continue to do so!!!

Oh and my theme is Okami! That game is really awesome. So if you have time, check it out!!! ^_^

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I started reading a book called "The Book Thief" I really like it.

Oh yeah, the other day, my class had to correct two history assignments we did. So, the boy next to me found one of the two sheets and put it on my desk so he could look for the other one. He was looking for it the whole time we were in history. It got annoying! But at the end of the period, he finally flipped over the assignment he already found, and the second one was on the back the whole time! I lol'ed at that really loud...

This one boy described me as "mysterious" one time. I don't think I seem the mysterious type. Well, maybe it's because I don't talk that much at school.

Yesterday, in band, my friend was gagging a lot. So I told her to go to the restroom or something, but she didn't want to. And I kept on asking her if she was ok, and she kept on saying she was fine. When my director said, "Ok Alto Saxes, play," my friend burst out the door! Everyone was staring at me and I started to play. Even after I was done playing, everyone was still looking at me. She walked back in and she told me she threw up. o.O Good thing it was the end of the day.

The girl's basketball team at my school are getting sweatshirts with their names on them. I am not on the basketball team because I don't really like basketball, but I am their "official scorekeeper." lol So the coach said I could get a sweatshirt with my name on it too and I get to go to all the away games which means, getting out of school early! Yay!

Today we got a new kid. He used to go to my old school, but I barely remember him.

I forgot my algebra homework. I'll just do it tomorrow morning. It sucks that the first class I have is algebra!!!

Oh yeah, today, my friend said she found out something shocking. She currently lives with her mom and step-dad and she hasn't seen her real dad since she was 8. She told me that her mom finally told her that her real dad was dead! o.O And her real dad has been dead for quite a while!!! My friend said that her real dad's brother was into bad things, so he tried helping him. But, her real dad was murdered.
I thought that was crazy and that reminded me of when I slept over at her house that one night. I remember she was saying "Daddy, don't go." In her sleep. It terrified me and my other friend who was sleeping over. And not only that, after she said that phrase, she started breathing hard and fast, so we were afraid that she would hyperventilate. When she woke up, she said she didn't have a dream and she didn't remember anything that happened. A week after we slept over, she was really sad at school. She said she dreamt about her dad dying. So maybe, subconsiously(sp?) she knew the truth the whole time...

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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Have an awesome Super Bowl Sunday!
Thursday, I was soooo nervous about saying my student council speech in front of everyone. When I got up to say it, I was shaking and my legs got weak. I wasn't sure if I did good or not!

That same night, I had tennis lessons. My friend and I were nervous, but our instructor turned out to be nice and funny! :)

Friday was the results of the student council elections. I was re-elected treasurer! Yay! I feel bad though because the person I beat has tried to be treasurer 5 times, but has never been elected.

Last night, I stayed over at my friend's house because she turned 13! I had a lot of junk food. And we watched Sydney White and Saw 4. We wrote started giving each other massages. lol And my friend wrote "I óż Edward" with lotion on her leg and I wrote "I óż Jasper" on my leg. Then She wrote "twilight" on her arms and I wrote "rox" on mine. lol Then, she started doing my make-u. It started out normal. She put light green eyeshadow on my eyes and then, she put bright blue eyeliner on me! Then, she used the bright blue eyeliner as lipliner on me and the eyeshadow as lipstick. I looked really weird!

I changed my theme to Katamari! Have a super Super Bowl Sunday!

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tomorrow is the student council elections and I'm very nervous! I'm running for treasurer again and against the boy I beat last time. I haven't written my speech yet. lol

Today, someone pulled the fire alarm at my school when we were at lunch.

I have 199 guestbook signatures. So who will be my 200th?!

That's all that has been going on.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Last weekend when I went down to San Diego, on the way back to my house, my family stopped at the cemetary that my grandma is buried at. She is buried by her mother-in-law, father-in-law, and brother-in-law. Her mother-in-law's name is Chiyo. And while I was looking at the grave stone/marker thing. I was thinking about Naruto and how Chiyo is the name of my great grandmother and the name of Sasori's grandmother. Then after, I felt that that was really disrespectful. lol

Well anywho, I changed my theme to Keigo Atobe from The Prince of Tennis! I don't particularly like Keigo, but I just felt like putting him as my theme.

On Monday, I played Tennis with my dad in the morning. Later I went to the bookstore. And that night I went and played tennis again.

This morning, I woke up at 5:20 in the morning and went to the gym with my mom. We just went on the treadmills.

My mom called this tennis place for information on lessons, but instead, she made a lesson that will be tomorrow at 5:30. And I asked my friend if she wanted to do it with me and she said yes! Well actually it is supposed to be tomorrow, but it has been raining where I live and we might have to rescedule it. :(


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Monday, January 21, 2008

Hi. Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!!!
It's great to be back!!! I had actually a sorta fun time in Las Vegas. The shows I saw were very awesome. ^^

The whole week I came back to school, we had a sub. My class never really learned anything from him because he never explained things to us. So, that whole week, I was confused. Last week, my teacher piled a bunch of homework on all of us. It took me forever to finish all of it!!!!

I found out my grade for the Constitution Test and I got 33/37 on the multiple choice part and I got 39/40 points on the essay part! ^_^ I was very happy that I didn't fail!!!

We had crazy hair day on Friday at my school. My hair was very messy and it looked really weird from the back! lol I was surprised that a bunch of the students in my school didn't participate in crazy hair day. =Z

On Saturday my family and I went down to San Diego and looked at colleges for my sis. On the wasy back home, we looked at more colleges. It was soooooo boring to me!!! But I think the one I liked most was Irvine. lol

I have been reading more often than I used to. I am not really reading manga, but more normal books. I find books more enjoyable than I used to think. I started reading more because I started reading the Twilight series. And I started reading the Twilight series because of you guys on myO!!! So, I have to thank you guys for getting me into reading again! ^_^


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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I found this adorable background and I told myself that this had to be one of my themes for my myO! And so it is. The song is from Beautiful Katamari, I really like it!

Yesterday, I ate New Year's dinner with my dad's side of the family. ^^

Tonight, I am flying to Las Vegas. I will be coming back on Sunday. My parents really like going there and my sis likes going because all she does is shop. I don't really like going because it is sorta boring for me.

In Las Vegas, we are going to see that pet show where that guy trains cats and dogs. lol We are also going to see the Phantom of the Opera. And we are going to se "O". It's one of the Cirque du Soleil shows and it's the one with water. I love Cirque du Soleil! ^_^

Oh yeah, plz tell me what your fav anime is.

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Monday, December 31, 2007

I was going to post on Christmas, but I was playing with all the gifts I got, so I didn't really get to it. lol Well, I got Guitar Hero III (I sorta expected it), Phoenix Wright 2&3, Beautiful Katamari (an enteratining game), and a purse. My cousins came over the weekend before Christmas and they stayed until Christmas. It was fun! ^_^

I went to my friend's party on Friday. My friend's mom gave all 9 of us a dollar, except for the birhday girl. The rule was we had to buy one thing from Dollar Tree and the birthday girl was going to have to wear all of it. So we bought a shower cap, a camo hat, a bra, underwear, and other funny things. The birthday girl wore it and we went around town and she had to wear it the rest of the day. lol

We also went on a scavenger hunt, which was really fun. When it got dark, my friends and I played hide and seek in her neighborhood. Here were the rules. If you were it, and you saw someone, you had to run to the safe spot and say their name. And of course, if you are hiding, you want to get to the safe spot without getting seen. It is a fun, but scary game because it is in the dark. There is a field across from my friend's house and we could even hide in there. I was to scared to go in the field!!!

We went back inside, turned off all the lights and told scary stories. They weren't that scary. But my friend was telling us about when a gang member guy went into her grandma's house and she had to stay on the phone with her grandma while her mom was on the phone with the police. Then, we heard a knocking on the door while my friend was telling the story. None of us wanted to get it. lol But one of my friends got up and opened the door. It turned out that it was my mom, who came to pick me up. lol

I saw National Treasure yesterday. I liked it! ^_^

I changed my theme to Kobato! She reminds me of Christmas because she is kind and giving.
It is already New Year's Eve, so maybe I am going to change my theme again.

Well, Happy New Year's Eve everyone! ^_^

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Nothing special has been going on. I've just been home being lazy, doing nothing but being on the computer and reading manga. lol

Yesterday, this girl that went to my sister's high school died in a car accident. Her car was struck by a drunk driver. The drunk driver survived, but she didn't. My sis said she was nice. What strikes me odd is that she looks familiar to me and her name sounds familiar, but I just can put my finger on where I know her from.

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Monday, December 17, 2007

It is my site's first anniversary, or birthday, or whatever you call it on myO! So, I changed my theme to how it was a year ago! ^_^

No school today because it's my Christmas break! I get 3 weeks off from school! Yay!

On Friday, my friends and I saw Alvin & the Chipmunks. It was so adorable! My friend started to cry in there, and the movie wasn't even that sad. lol

On Saturday, I went to Manteca and went to my dad's uncle's house to pund mochi (rice cakes) with my dad's side of the family. It was really fun and the mochi we made is very delicious! ^_^

Have an awesome day!

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