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Sunday, May 14, 2006

   Home Sweet Home
So I'm home now. Which means I won't be on the internet as much. Dail-up sucks. That and I'll be sharing this one line of dail-up with four other people. But I'm enjoying my time home so far, now I have to find a job. @_@
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Thursday, May 11, 2006

   The Concert
It was good. We ended up seeing Falling October, From First to Last, Hawthorne Heights, All American Rejects, and Fall Out Boy. (In that order)

We started out Tuesday morning. Varsi and her friend were suppose to pick me up at 8:30 but didn't get here until five after nine. We were running late and then Varsi had to stop at a rest stop. We finally made it to the hotel just after 2pm, after stopping at a Subway for a foot long sub each and a gas stop to grab some beer. I found it amusing that my aunt seemed devistated that they didn't have whine coolers. I told her I didn't care about drinking, but oh no, I had to have something. So she got me some Mike's hard berry lemonaid or something like that.

At the hotel we checked in and ate half of our subs. Half for lunch, half for dinner after the show. I had one of the lemonaid things and it was alright, but I'd rather have a whine cooler, they're more fruity! Varsi downed two beers and her friend finished one and we were back on the road.

We didn't get lost this time going to the concert, which was an improvement from our last trip to Ohio. We got there about 3:30 and stood in line until ten after six and we were let in the gate. I bought Casey a Fall Out Boy concert T-shirt from a scalper for 20 bucks before even getting inside. She said she wanted one so I hope I got her the right size and one she'll like. When we got inside I kinda wanted to go into the pit, but Varsi and her friend decided it was just too rough so we took a spot on the grass. The grass was nice because we could sit on it and it was nice and plush. I wanted to fall asleep on it. There wasn't a bad seat in the whole place, you could see basically wherever you sat which is why we love going to concerts in Ohio.

The concert didn't start til seven and I was still a little hungry. They had a White Castle in the place and I had never had White Castle before so I thought it would be a good time to try! Blah... they kinda suck. Of course they didn't have katchup anywhere and I like katchup with my hamburgers.

The concert ended up starting early at 6:30. Falling October amused me because the lead singer seemed to say fuck every other word. I don't mind swearing, I probably swear too much myself, so I'm not trying to say it was a 'AHHHH he said a bad word!' funny, it was 'I think he's trying too hard to swear' funny.

The bands were great! Lots of great music! Varsi and her friend made a friend with the lady sitting next to us. I did like being on the grass, but in the end I think I would have had more fun in the pit jumping around with everyone. Everyone on the grass were just kinda... standing there like drones. I think I somehow managed to get in the center of all the adults who were there just because they had to accompany their kids. I also think I would have had a better time if Varsi and her friend wasn't so drunk. They just kept buying more and more beer. At first they were funny, but after being asked the name of the band that was playing about 4 times within a minutes and being pinched hard in the shoulder each time they asked got annoying... fast.

I also think I got a bit of envy in me. Because Varsi had her friend they talked a lot of things that only the two of them knew about. Like stories of what they did as kids and stuff, so I could never join in. It made me a bit depressed. That and I just couldn't talk to them drunk either.

After the concert there were scalpers all OVER the place selling shirts for 10bucks so I picked Casey up another shirt. This one listed all the bands that played so that was cool. I also picked up a free Hawthone Heights CD that they were giving out.

It was rough getting out. And while we were waiting to leave there was these two people fight and to tell the truth I was getting a little nervous. But to my credit, that wasn't until AFTER stabbing was mentioned a few times. But eventually they stopped and went grumbling in differet directions.

Although what was funny is that we got lost again going back to the hotel. We took a wrong turn and after we had backtracked we almost missed the turn again because they were busy talking about masterbation. Yes. Masterbation. Why? Because the bass player in Fall Out Boy was talking about the video that got out on the web and shows him masterbating. ^^;; So yeah... they couldn't stop talking about it.

But all and all, the concert was great. Lots of fun!

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

My Heart is in Ohio
Just got back from Ohio from the Fall Out Boy/All American Rejects/Hawthorne Heights/From First to Last/Falling October concert. It was great. I'll update details tomorrow. For now... I sleep.
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Sunday, May 7, 2006

   I Vanished Again
Sorry everyone. I know I haven't been around, but I've been busy with finals and such. Also I'll be leaving for home soon for the summer. So not only will I be on dail up, I'll also be working, so I'll probably be on very randomly.
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Tuesday, May 2, 2006

   Happy Bithday Me!
So yesterday was my birthday. I hung out with friends and we went to dinner then hung out together. It's still hard to think of myself as being twenty. It's kinda weird.
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Sunday, April 30, 2006

   Turning 20
My birthday is tomorrow. I can't believe I'm not going to be a teen anymore. Heh, espcailly since yesterday a girl asked me if I was in the 7th or 8th grade... uh, try college sophmore.

^^;; Sometimes I wish I looked just a little older.

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Friday, April 28, 2006

   I live
Sorry I haven't been posting. I really have nothing to talk about. Just a lot of homework and more homework.

My birthday is on the first and I'm going to be 20. That's about the most exciting thing that will be happening over the next couple weeks.

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Saturday, April 22, 2006

The Trip
OMG! The trip was SO much fun!!!!!! I mean even getting there was a blast, perhaps the best part even. I rode in Melissa's car (aka Moose) with Katy. Clare, Tom, Alex, and Nissa rode together in Alex's car. Alex knew how to get there, Moose was suppose to follow her, but we ended up in the lead for awhile.

When we got to Buffalo is when we went on what we lovingly dubbed our first 'side trip'. Alex had managed to get ahead of us again and Moose saw a sign that said to go to some bridge. We knew we were suppose to get to a bridge eventually and she thought that was it so she turned off that exit. Next thing we know we're heading for downtown Buffalo. That's so not Canada...

We took a few more wrong truns and eventually found 90east again and were back on our way! We found the other group that had pulled off to the side of the road and we made it all the way to the border. Alex's group went through first, then we went.

Border Guard: So, where are you from?
*We all say we're students at Fredonia then give our birth cities*
BG: What's your business in Canada.
Moose: We're going to see the Haunted Houses on Clifften Hill.
BG: How long will you be staying?
M: A few hours, probably leave here around 10-11pm.
BG: Oh really, why are they staying over night and you're leaving?
(Tom in the other car had made plans to stay overnight in the hotel room. I guess he either lives in Canada or knows people who do... or something)
M: Because we didn't want to stay overnight and didn't want to pay money for the hotle.
BG: Uh-huh, move along. Have a nice trip.

Poor Moose she was bugging, she was worried he wasn't going to let us in. So then we got driving and noticed.... Alex was no where to be seen. This lead us on another side trip to a parking lot. Where we called them to get directions to the parking lot they were in waiting for us. We found them and headed to the haunted houses.

We pulled into a parking place and people decided they were hungry. So we stopped at a Wendy's and got some food. After that we broke off into new groups. Alex, Katy, Moose, and myself headed to the first Haunted House that was called Nightmare and Tom, Nissa, and Clare went shopping because they were too scared.

It was so much fun! I can't say I was scared, but I couldn't stop laughing at Katy who was scared shitless. There was this one part where the ceiling dropped and she fell to the floor and took Alex down with her. Another funny thing that happened was that it was PITCH dark in there. You couldn't see your hand in front of your face. Which was fine with us because we were holding hands so we could keep up with each other. But after the falling ceiling I somehow ended up in the very back holding hands with Katy. There were noises coming from behind us and Katy screamed: RUN! So I was like... okay! I'll follow you! Except there was this sharp turn she had already gone by and I didn't know that... and got pulled face first into it by the running. Ow. Hehe, didn't really hurt that much more like: BAM! Oh... that's a wall.

There was this other part where we follwed the red lights down and we had to crawl through this part and hands were reaching down touching our back. It felt SO good I actually stopped.

Zig-zag: I could stay here all day! This is great!
Alex: GO! GO! GO!

I didn't stop for long and kept crawling along. It was so much fun.

When we got out we got a call from Tom and he wanted us to meet him at the Days Inn everyone else would be staying at. We all piled into Alex's car and dun dun dun!!! Another side trip! Turns out there are THREE Days Inn in the area! It took us a good half an hour to find the right one.

Once found we headed to the next haunted house which was called Screamers. Again it was just myself, Alex, Moose, and Katy that would go in. It was so cool! They had all this Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, Friday the 13th, Texas Chainsaw Massacure, and Child's Play stuff for sale! If it wasn't all so over priced I would have gotten a Freddy T-shirt or poster. And while we were in the house they played Nightmare on Elm Street music!!

Anyway! That's not important! We went in! More pitch blackness, you can't see anything in front of your face at all. We held hands and entered. We followed the red lights as before until we came to this room and there was suddenly no more red light and they shut a door behind us. We were in there for so fricken long with no way out. We were just trapped in this little room. I got bored that I screamed at the top of my lung:

ZZ: Uh... it was me...
Alex: It was Zig-zag!
ZZ: I'm sorry! I didn't know you were that scared!!!

I'm not sure... but I thought I heard someone giggling.

Then we waited some more... and some more... and some more...

Moose: Isn't something suppose to happen.
ZZ: This isn't that scary. What are they doing? Boring us to death?
*Alex is pounding on the wall at this point and Moose is feeling around*
Moose: Hey! I think I found a hole? Do they expect us to jump up here?! I'm too short for that!

Katy was really freaked out. I don't know if she's clastaphobic or what... but she was really freaking. Made me wish I didn't scream earlier. But that had been awhile ago at this point. Now, if you get too scared you can scream SCREAMERS and someone is suppose to come and take you out an exit. So we told her to scream so she could be let out.

Katy: Screamers.
*few minutes go by, still stuck in the room*
Alex: Try screaming it louder.
Some Male Voice from inside the wall mockingly: Screamers.


Red lights turned on and fake mummies fell partly out of the hole Moose had found earlier. A DOOR OPENED! And we ran out! Yay! No more little room!

We were in this big room and Alex saw a figure of a truck.

Alex: There's a truck in this room. Try yelling again before we go further, maybe they'll let you out now.
*waits a few minutes* *nothing happens*
Moose: Can we just go and get this over with?

So we did and VROOM! Truck started up and chased us. Poor Katy was out of her mind screaming screamers and gripping Alex's arm. She even hide her face into Alex's arm annoced she was no longer looking or even had her eyes open. Luckily we weren't too far from the exit. She made it!

It was a lot of fun! After we got through it Katy was all better. We decided that we were too broke to really do anything else, so we just walked around for a bit. There was a Dairy Queen nearby and we decided ice cream sounded good so we got some. It was yummy! I've never had Dairy Queen before.

After ice cream we all said good-bye and Moose, Katy, and I headed back to Moose's car and we headed off! Off to another side trip!

We took a wrong turn and headed up more towards the falls than we should have been. We got turned around then I saw our turn my Moose missed it. We drove for awhile then finally found a place to turn around. When got back we made the turn after I pointed it out again. Seeing how I had a better memory then anyone else I told them the turn we had taken... too bad it was a one way street and no one noticed when we made the turn.

Moose: SHIT! I'm going the wrong way!
Katy: Oh shit...

We just drove through and into a parking lot. Thankful no cops or anyone had been around to see that. Then we got lost on a few back streets and SOME HOW got turned around and ended up in the parking lot we had started out in. Heading back we found signs that read: Bridge to USA. So we followed those and made it back to customs.

It was pretty easy. He looked at our licenes, asked our brithplaces, looked at the shirt Moose had bought, and then told us to go through. We thought we were home free... but we had one more side street.

We took a wrong exit. Moose thought we wanted 90east, but we needed 90west. Luckily! Katy lives in the area and was able to direct us back to the intersate! Once there we found our way and made it back to campus without another problem!

That was so much fun! I'm so glad I went!

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Friday, April 21, 2006

   Canada Trip
Heading to Canada's Cliffton Hill today with friends from the Haunted Forest club to go to some of the haunted house up there. It's going to be so much fun! I can't wait to go!!!!
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Sunday, April 16, 2006

   Happy Easter!
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