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Monday, June 13, 2005

I had the WIERDEST FREAKING DREAM last night!

My family was having this huge block party with like, a hundred people there in our backyard. And we had this freaking gigantic pool (rather than the small one we have now) and my mom had ordered these imported purple ducks that pooed chlorine tablets so they could swim around in the pool, but they hadn't arrived yet. So she sent me out to wait in front of our house for the truck. And it was boring until my rping character Aiden came around for the barbeque and waited with me. When the truck came, nobody came out but the door just kinda opened and SPEWED out purple ducks and they ran around as the truck drove away. So I climbed on Aiden's back (He's a centaur) and we herded the ducks into the pool.

And then I ate some pasta.

That my dad had cooked on the grill.

Don't ask me how he did that...


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