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So far, I haven't watched a lot of anime but trying to increase my list. This site seems to be better than most when trying to find info and recommendations.

Friday, March 3, 2006


It's March, posting cause you know, its time.
Uh... finishing up Wolf's rain this weekend? Good. I'm listening to The Postal Service now. So awesome. Did you need to know that? No. But I wanted to share. I found some more cool musica so, ask me about it.
Ok... post... done. That means you can stop reading now. Really. Just stop.

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Saturday, February 4, 2006

   Last thing...

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I told you I was bored. Take care all.

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   I can't get enough!

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   Non anime related but who cares?

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Thursday, February 2, 2006

   Eh, eh?

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   Ohh one more thing...

I know all of you are now on myspace. As the eldest, I HAVE to say this: Be careful.

Remember proper safe browsing: no real names (unless you trust the person), no phone numbers (unless they are friends and ONLY in private), no addresses (what? you want a stalker?).

Warning the second: There are a lot-o-perves on myspace so yeah, try to screen wisely. Remember: Jonnny boy who's 14 and into Fruits Basket could be a 35 year old man who LIKES talking to youngins in order to lure you to their lair. That or he's really in touch with his feminine side. If that's the case, suggest something with blood, gore and revenge.

Warning the third: Remember that anything you post in not private. It never is on the web. What if you wanna run for president and then some bastard pulls out your post about you killing that one guy that time. Not good for votes.

I know you all know this but I HAVE to say it cause if you disappear one day cause some MyO or Myspace bastard tricked you, then well, uh, at least I have other sisters and brother...

just kidding, I heart you sisters.

Oh and to all the other people who read this: Uh, What's up? Don't you just love how I ramble on about nothing. I'll leave you with this thought: Everytime you lie, God kills a kitten.

P.S. Congrats on the good grades guys. Me so proud.

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   la la la

*in a Trent (from Daria) singing voice*
Little sisters, little sisters!

When the hell am I gonna get to watch Wolf's rain???
This is not good. I've been deprived. Le sigh.

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Sunday, January 8, 2006

   hey there!

I'm still alive!
I suck at updating pages and all that. Takes way to much time.
Hope everyone is doing well.

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