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Saturday, May 7, 2005

I never want to draw another bloody fairy picture again... All week long people have been asking me to draw them pictures, most of them want me to draw them fairy pictures. This would be fine if it were'nt for the fact I don't like drawing fairies. They're over-rated in my opinion, and so over done they're completely unoriginal nowadays. Ugh, I don't even consider myself that good an artist, so I'm not sure why people keep bugging me.

In other news, I was right! My friends did throw me a surprise party at lunch, with cakead presents and punch and everything. I was real happy, and it actually was kind of a surprise. They sent two of my friends to distract me, which they did by getting me on a rant about politics (darn them) while the others snuck up from behind. Ah, good fun.
Later we went to the dance. It was okay, though I sure am glad it wasn't my three dollars that bought the ticket. I did actually dance a bit. I slowed dance twice (Ick! Cooties!) and swing danced some. I love swing dancing with Dalton, he's really good. But all the other music was pretty much rap, which I don't like and have no idea how to dance too. Oh well.

I love my brother. For my birthday he managed to find me the first volume of Cardcaptor Sakura. I've been reading the Master of the Clow, or the second half, and really wanted to read the first half. Bless him. I got some other presents too, but I won't bother going into depth. Tonight we went out to eat in celebration of my birthday. I chose a Chinese/Mongolian B-B-Q place that everyone told me was really good. It was okay, but they played country music. I've got nothing against country music, I just thought it was odd considering the setting.

Wow, I've really rambled. Well, I need to be getting to bed.

Much love!

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