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Tuesday, May 3, 2005

   Almost fourteen...
According to MyO it's my birthday. According to my clock I still have 2 hours and fifteen minutes to go. I suppose I should be happy its my birthdy, but really, I kinda just don't care. I feel sort of drained. Meh.

Well, other than the anniversay of the day I was dragged kicking and screaming onto this mortal coil, I've actually been up to stuff. I went to L.A. for a few days and rode some roller coasters at Knott's Berry. Fun, but I still can't get over how much some bland chicken strips and oversalted french fried cost. *rolls eyes* More importantly, I also went to the Northridge Mall and bought myself a new manga! *laughs evilly* The clerk asked me if I was going to the Anime Expo. Since I wouldn't be in town for it I told her no, but one can always dream. Other than gaining further proof my uncle's family is totaly dysfunctional (Their seven year old swears worse than middle schoolers I know!) that was my trip.

There's a dance tomorrow (today?) and I've decided to go. Though I know I'll hate it. I'll just claim its my birthaday party. Though i thank Brit and some of the others might be planning a surprise opne for me at lunch. Well, even if they're not I lurve them. They did pay for my ticket after all. Alas, I'm such a cheapskate.

Well, maybe I'll tell you guys more later. For now, Au Revoir and Sweet Dreams! (Wow, I'm in a better mood!)

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