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Friday, April 1, 2005

   One month, two days until my birthday!
Happy April Fool's Day! Hope you didn't get tricked. I didn't, but, then again, no one tried to trick me. Which is no fun at all. :(
Yesterday was cool. There's this magizine up here called Voice, that basically is run by volunteers and tries to give the area's youth a voice (hence the name of the zine). You can submit artwork, poetry, or short stories and every Thursday they have an art or writing workshop. The workshops are really cool because the atmosphere is really casual and you get support from other artists and authors. Plus I've met some girls my age who are into anime and like to write and draw like I do, so it's just been great. I can't wait until next week. *twitches impatiently*
Well, having nothing else to say:
Peace, Love, and Sunrays.
-Zaurak the Destroyer; Conquerer of Worlds.

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