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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Konnichewa! (Don't think I spelled that right...)
Well, what's up everybody? Hope this is a splendid, uh....it's Wednesday, right?
Anyhow, I'm doing good. A counselor from the high school came yesterday to talk to us about what classes we want to take and classes that we have to take to graduate. She passed out plans for next year and a four year plan we had to fill out. She's coming back tomorrow to discuss it with us one on one. And, man, am I stressed. I was up all night juggling the classes around. I want to get into a UC so I had to make sure I had all the required classes and still fit in classes I want to take. As it is I'll end up spending one of my summers taking health/Driver's Ed...... I don't need to know how to drive. Right now, these are probably the classes I'm taking as a freshman:
Honors English
Freshman Sports
German 1
*twitches* Oh well, at least I only have to take P.E. for two years. Speaking of P.E., we were jumping hurdles today. They weren't really hurdles, but cones mounted on scooters with jumprope tied in between. I knocked down three of the four "hurdles" in one go. I am such a klutz. *hides face in hands* Well it can't be helped.
I'm, gonna visit you guys now. ^_^
*crosses fingers and squeezes eyes tight* Only two more days till Spring break...only two more days.

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