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Tuesday, March 8, 2005

   *twitches* Can't think of title.....
I made a few adjustments. What do you think? I'm pretty happy, though I think the huge smiley face might be a bit much. Hmmmm?

Well, today was okay. School was pretty easy. Though I had to make up some stuff, I was sick yesterday. However, after school my sister had little league practice. And since it was at 3:45 and my dad has school then and my mom has work until after 4, I had to watch them. Except, we were at the wrong place, so we sat around for bout an hour. O_o Oooh, fun. *sigh*
Well, that's enough complaining. Hmmm, after I'm done updating, I think I'll go track down some double A's and play Golden Sun. Yay!

Oh yeah, one question. Does anyone know what's up with Inyuasha? For the past week or so it's been reruns. I'm greatly troubled by this. :(

Take care!

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