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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Ok, so I lied. That wasn't my last post.
AAAH! Bad news, I was looking through this guide to the city I'm moving to, and they had the channels provided by the cable company, AND NO CARTOON NETWORK!! Which basically means, NO ANIME!! No Inyuasha, or Gundam Seed, or DBGT or Yu Yu Hakusho! *hides in closet sucking thumb* Hopefully it's just a typo...
Oof, I've been busy lately. A retirement b-bq for my Dad on Sunday, my BFF's birthday yesterday, Dad's birthday today, and his retirement ceremony tomorrow. Plus packing. Now there's something that's always a lot of fun. But it's cool, I was going through my stuff yesterday and I found this letter I wrote 2 years ago to present day me. It had all these questions and stuff. That was neat. :)

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