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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Messed UP...
Well i aint been on quite a few thot id come back up in this bitch but this week end i busted 7 blood veins in my ankle causing a contusiion (busted blood vessels causing a huge area around the spot filled wit blood)how it happened was actually kinda funny...me and my bro was playin a pick up game of some basketball and it 2-2 pretty even but we just started and we were playing take backs.so when i took it back after he missed i ran forward where he was and pump faked he jumped then i moved around him and shot the easy lay up but i jumped as high as i could when i came down fuckin landed on my dam ankle...cant really walk but my ankle is fuckin huge i wanna stab it wit a needle to see all the blood pour out but my dadll beat my ass. but ya ive been good been drawing some psychopathic shit every now and then but what yall been up to?
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