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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

thats some good stuff ppl actually got back on my site and missed me i feel like Tupac right now but ya somebody asked if i played on varsity or jv? i played on jv my sophomore year but straight varsity from now on switched from qb to solely defense cuz i like hittin the qb so i play linebacker.what have i been up to?ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....i been workin out for football i got practice every morning...OHHHH YEEEEAAAAAA this really fuckin sucked the other day my friend came over and we love prank callin ppl so i called this number and did the stupidest thing ever....i forgot to block the number so i waited like 10 seconds and called back wit it blocked lol. so we pissed off the woman so much she called me back and called the police on me so police come to my house and say that i coulda went to jail over this shit but the niggas thot the shit was funny!!!cops was laughing they asses off and shit so i have to do community service now but man my summer is suckin ass for english class next year we have a summer reading list and we have to read the bible and shit i dont believe in the bible too much i think it makes no sense so i aint gonna read it and when they ask why didnt and why i wont imma tell them niggaz straight up i aint believin in that shit and i aint gonna read wat i dont believe in so fuck them.but ya if yall got any questions and shit just ask.
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