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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Finally!! Chapter 6
~Yusuke's house~

Kurama: What is he planing?

Yusuke: We don't even know who this guys is Kurama.

Kuwabara: That dosent mean we can't find out what he wants with


*Hiei walks in*

Hiei: He dosent want Yuyu, He wants Yukina.

Kuwabara *jumps up* Yu-yukina?! What does he want her for??

Kurama: But wait, Why did he take Yuyu?

Hiei: A trade, Yukina for Yuyu.

Yusuke: What happens if we don't give him Yukina?

Hiei: Yuyu dies.

Kurama: How long do we have?

Hiei: Three days.

Kuwabara: where we go?

Hiei: He said to follow Yuyu's Spirit energy.

Botan *pops up* Ah well then you can use this! *give Hiei the Spirit compass*

Hiei: I wont be needing this, I can track Yuyu down with my Jagon


Yusuke: *grabs the compass from Hiei* fine then I'll use it.

Kurama We better go now, he might shorten the due date, just
for the trill of it.

Yusuke: Right.

*Group rus out and starts tracking Yuyu Down*
(Will they make it in time?
Who is these new enemy?
And what does he Want with Yukina?
Find out whenever I feel Like typing the next chapter!)

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