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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hi guys!
Hey guys Im sorry I havent been on lately ive just been VERY busy, but I Swear Next time on get on I have then next chapter of my fanfic and a picture for all of you! ^_^ cya then!!
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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Hi guys!
Hi long time no see im really sorry i havent posted my story yet but i wil tomorrow! i promise!! cya then!!
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Hi guys!
Hi long time no see im really sorry i havent posted my story yet but i wil tomorrow! i promise!! cya then!!
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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

FINALLY! Chapter 5
Hiei: *Looks around hope to see Yuyu* Where are you Yuyu?

Botan: *flys down from the sky* Hiei!!

Hiei: *look up* What!?

Botan: *lands and runs to Hiei* We saw what happend.

Hiei: And?!

Botan: Koenma said that he called Kurama, Yusuke and Kuwabara can help you.

Hiei: They can't help if We don't know where he's taken Yuyu!

Botan: *takes a deep breath and sighs* Hiei We can track He's spirit energy, don't worry

Hiei: *turns around* Where are they?

Botan: Kurama and the others are waiting at Yusuke's house (his house is an apartment)

Hiei: Alright, botan Yukina and Genkai are in a cave just south of here, go and get them.

Botan: Right, *gets on her oar and flys to the cave*

Hiei: *teleports to Yusuke's house* ( when I say "teleports" I mean "he runs very very fast"
and again Yusuke's house is an apartment)
I'm sorry that this is such a small chapter but I'm having trouble thinking of the story line, If you guys have any idea's please pm me and i'll pm you back if I will use it, AND I WILL NOT TAKE THE CREDIT!! I will tell them who came up with the idea, and what part he/she came up with. please help, Thank you!

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Monday, October 16, 2006

sorry again guys..
SOrry I don't have a chapter today *sniff*
I'm really sorry *starts crying* I promise i'll have a chapter tomorrow!

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Sunday, October 15, 2006

sorry no story today
Sorry guys my Bf told my to relax and that meant no chapters..so now would be a good time to read my other chpaters tomorrow I'll try to get chapters 5&6 up but it maybe just chapter 5
well anyway I'll post a chapter tomorrow!

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Saturday, October 14, 2006


Hiei: *Runs and sees a black figure strugling on the ground* What is that?

Yuyu: Hiei help!

Hiei: *runs closer and notices Yuyu being chocked* Yuyu!

Stranger: *picks Yuyu up by the neck* I guess you will do.

Hiei: Let her go! *takes sword out and slashes it at the stranger*

Stranger: *turns around and holds Yuyu in front of him like a shield*

Hiei: *stops in his tracks* Grr..let her go!

Yuyu: H-hiei..

Stranger: So you know him, Alright then lets make a deal. Give me then Icemaidin named "Yukina", And I shall give you this beautiful girl. *licks Yuyu's cheek*

Hiei: Leave her alone! I'll never agree to that deal!

Stranger: *stops* Fine, but when you change your mind just follow this girls spirit energy.

Hiei: No let her go.

Stranger: *laughs* do you think I'd listen you a rat like you!

Hiei: Grr..Rat?!

Stranger: you have three days to make up your mind and find her.

Hiei: What?

Srtanger: I'm going to make it easier for you to make up your mind by doing this, if you do not find this girl in three days, I will kill her, simple as that. *smoke comes out of nowhere*

Hiei: Wait no!

Stranger: Remember..three days...*smoke covers The stranger and Yuyu*

Hiei: No! *runs and jumps through the smoke* What?! Where did he go? Where's Yuyu?

How was that? I thought that might be a good place to stop! ^-^ well I shall starts thing about what should happen next! Cya tomorrow!

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Friday, October 13, 2006

Hiei: *Walks and spots a shoe* *Picks up the shoe and picks up Yukina's sent off the shoe*


Yuyu: *walks and sees a person in a cape then covered his face*


Hiei: *looks up and calls* Yukina! Where are you!?


Yuyu: *walks up to the stranger* hello, I'm looking for some people. Have you seen two girls walking around the beach?

Stranger: *breaths heavily*

Yuyu: Um, Are you ok?

Stranger: What's your name?...

Yuyu: Oh um, It's Yuyu, My name is Yuyu. What's your name?

Stranger: My name is not important.

Yuyu: Ok well, I have to go. It was nice meeting you..Stranger..*turns around and starts walking*

Stranger: Where do you think you going my lady?

Yuyu: Hm? *turns around and see the stranger walking to her* W-what are you do?


Yukina: Hiei!!

Hiei: *turns around*

Yukina: *run in Hiei's arms and starts crying*

Hiei: *puts arms around her* Yukina, Whats wrong?
What happen?

Yukina: A man in a cape attach Genkai!

Hiei: Are you hurt?

Yukina: No, I'm fine, but Genkai is hurt.

Hiei: Where is she?

Yukina: *grabs hiei's hand and take him to a small cave* She's right here.

Hiei: *walks up to Genkai* Genkai, can you talk?

Gankai: *grunts* yes, I can.

Hiei: ok, Tell me what happen, who did this to you?

Genkai: A man, in a cape, it covered his face so I couldn't see his face.

Hiei: Where is he?

Genkai: Somewhere north of here.

Hiei: *thinks* "That's where Yuyu is."

Hiei: *looks at Yukina* Yukina, Try to calm down, You can heal her.

Yukina: *nods then takes a deep breath then starts healing Genkai*

Hiei: *stands up*

Genkai: Where are you go?

Hiei: Yuyu is also north of here I'm going to check if she's alright. *runs out of the cave and runs north*

Genkai: *thinks* "Be careful Hiei, He may seem weak but he will fool you"

Ok what do you think? this chapter I think is better than the other 2 ^-^ oh and if you haven't found out yet, when you see -.*think* "<-
it mean that there talking in there heads..oh and (~Hiei~, ~Yuyu~) means that the scene has changed to where Hiei and Yuyu are. just makeing sure you don't get confused..cya tomorrow!

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

*Story* "dramatic findings" Chapter 2
Yuyu&Hiei: *walk up the stairs to Genkia's Temple*

Yuyu: *puts hands up to her mouth* Hey Yukina you wana play?

Hiei: *ignores Yuyu and walks to Yukina's room*

Yuyu: Hm?..Someone should have answered by now.
Or atleast throw something at me for yelling.

Hiei: *walks up to Yuyu* Where do they go when there not here?

Yuyu: *thinks* they go to the beach alot.

Hiei&Yuyu: *Walk to the beach*

Yuyu&Hiei: *walk on the beach*

Hiei: Yuyu you go north and I'll go south..meet back here in an hour.

Yuyu: Sure thing *starts walking north*

Hiei: *starts walking south*


ok I know it's a short chapter but I want you guys to think about whats going to happen next.
tomorrow wil be the day you find out the truth.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

*Story* "Just a normal day" chapter one
Yuyu:*walks up to a tree and sits*..*sigh*

Hiei: *jumps down from the tree* Do yo u have anything better to do besides bug me?

Yuyu: *sighs again* no..

Hiei...? Whats up with you?

Yuyu: I'm bored.

Hiei: why don't you play with Kurama?

Yuyu: Can't.

Hiei: Why not?

Yuyu: Homework..

Hiei: Kuwabara?

Yuyu: Studys..

Hiei: Yusuke??

Yuyu: Shopping..

Hiei: shopping?

Yuyu: with Keiko..

Hiei: oh..

Yuyu: picks a daisy and starts plucking the petals*

Hiei: ...*jumps back up into the tree and sits on a branch leaning against tree*

Yuyu: ....So.....How are you?

Hiei: Hm?

Yuyu: *Looks up at Hiei and speaks slowly* How, are, you?

Hiei: *makes an annoyied look in hes eys*

Yuyu: ..Sorry.

Hiei: hmph..

Yuyu: *looks at her watch*

Hiei: What time is it?

Yuyu: 6:45...

Hiei: *closes eyes and trys to fall asleep*

Yuyu: Hey don't go to sleep on me.

Hiei: there's nothing better to do..

Yuyu: oh yeah, I guess..Hey we can go to Genkai's place and see if Yukina would like to play?

Hiei: *opens one eye and looks at her*

Yuyu: So, is that a yes?

Hiei: Hmph, Fine.

So what do you think? I'm going to try to make one short chapter a day for you pplz ^-^
I hope you enjoy

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