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Sunday, April 17, 2005

- Red a very good question was asked.it was for my fanfic.
"Where does Hiei go to the bathroom if he's afraid of th toilet and water?"i added another"why is Hiei afraid of the toilet and water?
The answer to the first one is...well the neighbors backyard but never EVER in the trees because thats where he sometimes sleep in!
and the next one you ask?well one day kurama(yes,kurama) tried to potty train him after Hiei went on Kurama's favorite rose bush(that got him REALLY mad!).but when Hiei refused kurama locked him in a room until he uses the toilet.of corse hiei takes torture quite well but kurama's torture was worse than the pain of the Jagan implant!
so 6 days later hiei used the toilet.he went for so long that it felt as if he lost several pounds(which he did).
Then suddenly,KLANK!!!the seat fell and so did Hiei.then after that he never went 2 feet close to the toilet(even the ones that dont work)...that was a fond memory for Kurama because while Hiei was whimpering like a baby while curled up in a ball sucking his thumb kurama took pictures and laughed so hard his gut popped twice(that's 3 times in total if you read the fic) and told yuske and koemna!
sorry fans but its a fanFICTION!!so get over it!i got over people like yaoi,hentai and yuri(i think thats how to spell it)

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