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Sunday, March 20, 2005

   problems,problems and more problems
- Redanime lover:now all of you have a simalar problem...do you know what it is?
[anime lover thinking:Say:wanna rule the world!]

*everyone but anime lover murmers to solve the question*

anime lover:okay maybe two problems.They are all of you are idiots and you all wanna rule the world ok--.

*a person jumps out of the storage room with mouth shut with duct tape,hands tied together and tied on to a chair*


Arima:Ahhh crazy closet person!


Kurama:*spots anime lover escaping*Oi!help us here!

anime lover:*nervous heh*anime sweat drop*

Hiei:*pulls duct tape off*

Person:Eeeeek!!That hurt!

Hiei:*sigh*ungratful human.

person:*points at anime lover*YOU!!

anime lover:y-yes?


Koemna:dont hurt me!I'm too cute to die and young*hides under the chair*

Yuske:KOEMNA!!What do you mean cute?!?Those girls were PAID to say that your all that!And YOUNG!?Oh,PUH-lease!Your 700 years old!!

koemna:They were not and am not!

Yuske:Even ask Emna!


Yuske:cowardly scardy-cat!

Person:Who CARES?!?

Marik:who the hell are you?!

Person:I'm anime_lover!She is an imposter!

anime lover:No I'm anime lover!

anime_lover:spell it!

anime lover:you!

Anime_lover:i asked you first!

Bakura:umm..may i sugest showing your IDs?

anime_lover & anime lover:um..okay..*shws IDs*


anime lover:what it looks exactly the same!

anime lover:*makes paranoid face*underscore!


to be continued

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Sunday, March 13, 2005

- Red __
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i feel so evil right now

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   problems,problems,and even more PROBLEMS! PART 1
- RedThis is the story i said i'll write!!

*Marik(YGO),Kurama(YYH),Hiei(YYH),Bakura(YGO),Arima(Kare-kano),Yuske(YYH),Koemna(YYH) and I(Anime lover) walk inside the room*

Anime Lover:Now you are here because you have a certain problem that you want to solve.Introduce your self and announce your problem.

Marik:Hello,I'm Marik and I have a drinking problem and have an urge to rule the world for revenge.

Arima:Konwhichiwa,I'm Arima and I can only get good grades no matter what I do and I also have and urge to rule the world.

Koemna:Errr...I have no problem!*nervous laugh*

Yuske:*gives a playful punch to Koemna to tell his problem but ends up bruising him*

Koemna:Oi!*yuske staring at him*Fine I'll spill.Im koemna and my problem is I'm afraid of water and I want to rule the world because people(and demons) keep saying im a baby.

Yuske:Sup..I'm Yuske and my prob is I can't stop killing and my evil side wants to rule the world.

Kurama:Salutations,I'm Kurama and I can't stop lying to my mother(Shori),my step-brother(suuichi) and my father and say I'm part demon that once roamed the Makai and so very close ruling the world.

Bakura:Greetings,I am Bakura and my evil side wants to kill marik and rule the world,*yami-bakura comes in*OOH!I wanna kill that Marik!!Lying to me you'll pay!!*bakura takes over*Heh, see what I mean??

*long silence for 5 min and everyne sares at Hiei*

Evertbody but Hiei:well,It's your turn!!

Hiei:Hn..I aint got no problem..and shut up before i have to slice you into cheese cubes!

Kurama:Sorry about my friend,hiei!he's incredibly stubborn.His problem i--

Hiei:Fine!I'm hiei and I'm afraid of the toilet.

*everyone but hiei laughs until a gut pops*

Hiei:Hey at least I'm not afraid of water!

Yuske:Yes you are!

To be continued

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- Red

I'm too lazy and i feel like writing but i have no topic!!ahhh a writer's worst nightmare has come!!i once was soo desperate for a topic that i wrote a story about writing a story!!I'm getting hyper!!YYYYYAAAAAYYYYI'll get a stupid topic today sooner or later one way or another!!!i think I'll write about my favorite anime and anime characters getting together to solve marik-sama's drinkng problem

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Thursday, January 6, 2005

   another result
- RedHASH(0x8853bcc)
The Animal Spirit!

What was your job in a past life? (LOTS of results & Anime Pics)
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- RedYou're a Intense Kisser
You have an intense kiss! You and your partner
connect when you kiss and you forget about the
rest of the world. Hey, call me!!! ^_~

What anime kiss are you?
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Monday, January 3, 2005

my result(again)...and yay i got kurama
- RedHASH(0x8922f48)
You are KURAMA.~Kind~Gentle~Green-thumb~ ( hey you
guys wanna know a secrtet? well actually you
can tell whomever, but , there will be a new
series about KURAMA coming out in a matter of
weeks, by janeylane.It's gonna be called,
" the rose never severs far from the
thorn-kuramas tale-" or something. i'll
give you ore info when she tells me.)

Which Yuu Yuu Hakusho charachter are you?[Now with more results and pics!]
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