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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Im back!

I just got back yesterday from my 5 days training at the home for the aged.It was one great experience although at the first few days,I was crying(figuratively speaking).There were 2 buildings,the old building and the new building.The first day was quite hard.Our group composed of six,all girls were assigned in the old building.There were 18 elderly most of them could walk and there's one blind woman,so we have to assist her.Our tasks consist of:
-waking them up
-take them to the dining area to have coffee
-take them to the chapel for the morning prayer
-take them back to the dining for the breakfast
-bathe them!(thank God,they're all women)
-take them outside to interact with others
-serve their lunch
-interaction with others
-finally take them to bed

Day 2 was much much harder.We were assiged at the new building were most elderlies couldnt walk.There were only 5 elderly who could walk.The tasks are the same.Only harder because we have to transfer them from bed to wheelchair and vice versa.Bathing them is the worst!I bathe 3 old men alone!Yup,I have seen a lot.^^ But of course I asked assistance for carrying them to the bathroom.Whew!

Day 3-5 was easy.Nurses from other schools arrived so our tasks was lessen.We were assigned to the kitchen,dining and the backyard.We left off at day 5,and it was really hard leaving them.I was crying when the elderlies were asking us not to go.For 5 days,they've been close to us.
There's few of them that had been close to my heart.So,it's really sad.I promised myself that someday if Im already financially stable,I'll go back there and volunteer to work.

Blessed be...

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