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Saturday, December 30, 2006

   Last post

..for this year.

I am really excited for this year to end.I mean 2006 was really bad to me.Terrible things had happened--
1.my cousin's house burned down
2.had a breast surgery
3.quit job for school
4.death of my aunt's and other deaths because of the typhoons
5.I turned 20

The surgery was really traumatic for me.I can still remember the surgeon singing.."Like a surgeon,cutting for the very first time!..hey!"^^ I wish those evil lumps will never come back.

My birthday this year is the worst..well,its always bad,but this year is the one that I will never forget.

Thanks ElvesAteMyRamen,for believing that Im not FAT.Im going to believe that too..^^

Guess Ill be back next year so Im wishing you all a Happy new year!Im really excited,2007 seems really bright for me.It has to!Im not drinking again since Im allergic to alcohol.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!There's firecrackers everywhere..its scary outside.

Blessed be...

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Wednesday, December 27, 2006


How's your christmas guys?Mine is just mellow.
2 days before christmas,my bestfriend and I went shopping.The night before that,I asked my Dad that I wanna go shopping,*ding*,then he gave me 500 pesos,just like that.By the way,he was drunk.But he would still give me money if he wasnt drunk.Afterall,its just 500.Not enough if I was a rich girl.Im not,but still isnt enough..

My bestfriend and I had fun together at the mall.We went to our favorite store,tried some clothes and took pictures of ourselves.It was hilarious.There was this shirt that wont fit to me because it was too small..alright!Im getting fat,,arrgh,,Im not used to being fat.Im like Paris Hilton back then..0_o..but now Im like Hilary Duff during her Lizzie Mcguire days.lol
So after trying on some maternity clothes..we decided to go home.I thanked Ahvic for coming with me that day since we didnt get to do that anymore.Why?Because she have a boyfriend now!*sigh*I cannot blame her,,she's in love!I just miss her..*pouts*..I bought a necklace with a really nice pendant,a pentacle.You know,it is believed that a witch uses it for protection..not a condom,lol.

Christmas eve,I was wasted.We were at my sister's house.I drank some.And I dont know why I did that.That's why Im feeling sick..I have red scratches all over my back because I was allergic.I knew that would happen.I just took my chances that it will be different that time,it wasnt.Remind me not to drink again.

And about my last post,that thing about cleaning a penis,*coughs*,well..I mean..Im gonna have to do that if Im going to take care of an elderly especially if he's bedridden.Sorry if I shocked some of you,,^^;

Thanks Chie,,I got this a little late.

Blessed be...

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Puto Bungbong!

I went to school yesterday to submit my requirements for the coming practicum.Oohh..Im so nervous.We're going to practice what we have learned on that caregiving school in a geriatric institution.Im not really excited about the idea of taking care an elderly.Damn,I already forgot how to clean a penis!^^

I got two Christmas cards which reminds me that I havent made one.

Thanks Whitecat!*huggles*

and also thanks SessLover18!That's really nice of you.I see my name!^___^..

Today,my sister brought me a Puto bungbong!..I know,you gotta love that name.^^ Its a delicacy which is very famous this season.Last year I posted a pic of that food and someone said that it looks like a fish!Its like a rice cake,actually it is,made up of rice.Oh,I just love my sister for giving me one gastrointestinal treat!

Thank you for the warm welcome guys!*HUGS*

Blessed be...

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Monday, December 18, 2006


I have almost completely disappeared from the face of MyO!I apologize for my long,long absence.It's been over 4 months...damn.You might be wondering what the hell happened to yuripriss.Well,Im perfectly fine right now.Ive been up to nothing really lately,just at our house dying with boredom.Actually, IVe been going online in the past weeks and arguing with myself if I should update MyO or just cut myself off.Guess who won!^__^ Ive been through some terrible things after my disapperance.Dont worry Im not gonna bore you,like Im going to tell all the details on what happened to me in 4 months.Ill try to make this short.

The reason/s behind my disappearance..It was because of the super typhoons that hit us,yes,there were two actually.It was really scary,I thought the strong winds is going to take away our house.It caused several casualties,damage to property and a power outage in large areas.I remember that time when the entire Luzon experienced black-out.I thought I would die because there was no power supply,and we have to like eat our dinner before the sun set..and go to bed at 7pm.I thought I was living the simple life,which was a ridiculous thought.I felt like I was stranded in an island with nothing to do.I was overjoyed when the power was restored and the first thing I did was to charge my cellphone then turned on the TV.I was so excited to watch TV again after 2 days of deprivation.But my excitement fades when I saw the news.Thats when I knew that many people died because of the typhoon.Our town was in the state of calamity.I feel so blessed that nothing bad happened to me,my family and friends..but I feel bad for those who lost their loved ones..

And last october,I lost an aunt.She died of cancer...colon cancer.I won't forget the day before she died.She was in the ICU and she cant talk..I held her hands and I told her to fight.I reminded her about the promise she made that Im gonna be one of her bridesmaids..and Ill be singing in her wedding.She just cried.I told her again to.."fight!fight!fight!"..in a cheerful voice.I cried when I stepped out of the room..It was really hard seeing her suffering..so she went the next day.

I have dealt with all those things and now I could say that Im living a normal life.

On a lighter note...
My Mom is teaching me to cook..it's about time!Im gonna need it when my parents finally decided to let me go..lol.So far,I can cook two dishes.. :P

Christmas is coming..duh.I wish everyone a great one and I wanna tell you all that..um..I miss you.^////^

Blessed be...

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Friday, August 11, 2006

The movie I saw was "Sukob".That was the title.Sorry I didnt made that clear on my last post.I watched it twice and I thought,It wasnt that scary at all.

Anyways,today at school we had a long quiz.During the quiz,Kareen who was sitting behind me,tapped me on the shoulder.She's looking on my paper and when our teacher wasnt looking,she grabbed my paper!!!Like,she just snatched it on my table.Next thing I knew,my paper was being passed on the back rows.I was so freakin' nervous!Good thing,we weren't caught.Damn it,I was so mad.After that,Kareen and her group of friends started inviting me to go with them at lunch.I refused because I have to go home,my Mom's sick so I have to check up on her.Besides,I dont hang out with phonies!Aaargh!

My Mom's been sick since yesterday,,maybe becasue of the weather.Last night was funny.Since my Mom's sick,there's no one to cook for us.Yeah,its a shame I cant cook!Thats why guys dont like me.Oh well,my Dad can cook though,but we were so hungry when he got home last night.So,my Dad and I rushed to the nearest grocery store to buy instant cup noodles.We bought 2 bags of cup noodles!!!My Dad was like,"we never know when your Mom's gonna be sick again"..

Blessed be...

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Tuesday, August 8, 2006


Okay,the movie was great!Yes,it is a horror movie.I had a lot of fun screaming at the movie house.The movie was really scary...Ive never been scared in any movie.It'll make you scream at one scene and scream again on the next.I got headache after watching it.It took time before Ahvic17 and I got our normal pulse rate back.^^

Here is the full trailer.I know it wont make sense since there is no subtitles.But I still like to show it to you..^__^;

My report about SCI was cancelled because we had 2 exams today.Its really stressful.I wish I had done the report today though,so I wont have to worry about it anymore.That would be tomorrow's problem.It doesnt sound so good to me.XD

Blessed be...

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Saturday, August 5, 2006

I just finished a report about spinal cord injury for my geriatric class due on tuesday.Michiyo suggested I make a presentation.I was thinking of bringing my neighbor who looks like Christopher Reeves.But I doubt if he'd like the idea of putting him in a wheelchair.^^

Im so excited for tomorrow because Ahvic17's going to take me to movies!Yay!We're going to watch "Sukob"..I dunno if its also released in your place.I heard it was in Hawaii.Well,its her treat because she knows that Im broke,,she doesnt have a choice anyway..because she's the one who have a job.^__^..Im not excited to see the movie but I cant wait to see my bestfriend!

Alright thats about it.Now I leave you with this video of Maskman,,its my favorite show during my childhood days..I was teary-eyed after watching this.No,its not a sad video..I just remember the old days.

Blessed be...

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Monday, July 31, 2006

Alright alright I know I know...I have been a complete lazy butt and have not worked on this site in like forever.
This is the far I could go,changing my avatar.^^; That avi was made by inuyasha311 a long long time ago.I stole it!bwahahaha!..j/k

Hmm,making you guys vote for my new theme sounds great.But the problem is,I dont really have anything in mind on what theme I wanna use.It should depend on my mood.If I feel like killing my brother-in-law,I'll use a Marilyn Manson wallpaper.o_0. Ok,Ill stop it.I realized something last night.I was thinking about the feud between him and me..that It should end.I thought I should stop being bitter about everything,,like when my sister married him.I realized that I cannot do anything about it.I noticed that he's starting reaching out to me,like that one time when he asked me If I saw "Pirates of the Caribbean".Thats really something because we never had small talks.So,Ive decided to end the war.

While realizing that last night..I started thinking that I wanna "re-invent" myself.I was feeling depressed lately,or bored of myself so I thought I wanna do some changes.Starting from being good to my brother-in-law,Ill try to do good to myself too.Like,taking care of myself.Waking up early,exercising,doing household chores,cleaning my room(totally!),start on my art project,learn to play keyboard and practice more with my guitar!Sounds really ambitious,eh?Boy,was I bored last night!^___^

Blessed be...

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Friday, July 21, 2006

I never thought that changing this layout would be so hard.So hard that I cant make up my mind what would be the next theme.Actually,I am planning to make big changes to my site..and that makes it even more harder.I dunno where to start considering Im not really good at codes or whatever those "javascripts" means.Give me one more week..okay,,um,maybe a month?^^;

I cant wait to go back to school.It'll start again by Monday.I got bored watching t.v and eating potato chips.The last time I said I got my normal life back,it also means I got my boring life back.I need some actions!^^

Today,is my brother-in-law's birthday.Joy.. I hate his guts.Im really sorry for my sister because...he's irresponsible,immature and all the nice words that comes after the prefixes -ir and -im.I never like him.Actually,I think the feeling's mutual.My sister is aware of it too.And she says her husband and I have one thing in common. PRIDE. Yeah,I have a lot of that. But his husband and I are civil to each other,Im just not that comfortable with him.I never saw him as a brother to me,which I wish I could.I mean,we were okay before but something happened.....*cut*

He texted me this morning saying that he'll be expecting us(me,mom and dad) at their house tonight.I just replied that Im not sure if I can make it,and I said happy birthday anyways.And now I cant make up my mind.My evil side is saying,"Don't go.He'll think that you're easy and you've forgiven him in everything he'd done to you!".And the good side in me says "Just go,dont you wanna see your sister and her kids?And what about the food?You dont wanna miss that cake,do you?"

Blessed be...

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Normal Life

Ive been cleaning my room since Tuesday.Ok,not like I have a big room..its just that,I AM that lazy.And when I say lazy,you dont know the half of it.^^ Actually I always get distracted by little things.I saw my old notebook in highschool and started reading it.Its a Math notebook,nothing really special..just reminiscing the old days you know.Next,I found some love letters..0_o..and so many stuff.So I ended up not finishing what Im doing.Ive been watching a lot lately too.I remember thats what I used to do before I have a job.Just watching t.v and eating.Yesterday,I was craving for potato chips so I asked money from my Mom so that I could go to the grocery store.Thats when I realized I got my normal life back.You know,I get to ask money again.Before when I have a job,its the other way around.I give money to my parents.Now,its the old ways again.Im not saying its a good thing,,i just missed it.^^.So last night I was on my couch watching t.v and stuffing myself with potato chips.I wont be surpised If I gain weight by the end of the month.

Tomorrow Im going to visit Ahvic17,Jayron and Mira at their work.Its sad because 3 of my closest friends are already there at the company where I used to work.Back then,It was just me.Good for them,they're gonna see each other everyday unless they have the same shifts,,while me..Im stuck at school.Actually,I really have to visit that company tomorrow for my exit interview.You know,to talk about my one-year stay there..or how much pay Im gonna get.

I havent change my layout in ages.Maybe I will next week,though Its gonna be hard because I really love this background.We'll see then...

Blessed be...

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