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Friday, June 17, 2005

   My life sucks.....
Yesterday was like hell. God my sisiter is such a *itch. Anyway she told me that i cant be goth and she doesnt allow it. But, she lied to me and told me anything i do she allow it. She said if i dont change i will get kicked out my own house. Which i talked to my best friend and i might can stay with her for the summer. My sisier sucks she doesnt care about me i had argued with for like and hour aand she blames evrything on Rin i hate her i wish she would die i have no remorce seriously its said but true. I dont know i hate her and i am only 17 and i ahve go through with a 32 year old who wants to be alone with her husband. And aslo loves her step sister more then her own sisiter *uck her seriously.Anyway, yo Akayo man Uno is not ur thing, sike love you big bro. But, things all good if i move with my bestfriend i will still be updateing so if you guys want to talk to me. Talk to me in my chat box k cya.

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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Yes its very early i am possting...
Sigh hey ppl, as you see i have a new theme =). It's call burst angel. Yay, god today my sister said i cant leave the house unless i am going to find a job. But, the thing is i went to a mall called owings mills its very far but, i mite be getting a job in Hot opics. So i reallly dont care what my sister says really she can kiss my @zz. Thats like dream job 2 me, and the manager i am friends with so that great. So anyway yesterday i went to the mall and had fun with rin And sakrano and friends its was great. But i am all of b-day money but couple ppl still have to give presents wink -.^. Me and myt freind Melkiv is freinds again after a semi war we had its all goood tho. So i am pretty hapy. But, right now it's 9:15 a.m i wrote this. I loveNaruto its freAKEN GREAT TO but i am going go if u guys wana talk talk to me in my chat box cya.
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Monday, June 13, 2005

As you know my B-day was June 10 last firday it was great. I got aloth things i am so happy to be 17 years old now. Yes one more year and i can move out and live with my baby Rin. Its so freaken great. Anyhow, I had water fight with friends on sunday and got a 145 dollars and i am still gettin more i went to hot topics and bought stuff and i got the new D N angel manga number 8 YES ^.^ I am so happy. Dude, and otakon is so i even got my trench coat i wanted so bad my freind chrissy gave to me for a gift she didnt want it anymore and it was brand new. i finally got my system of the down cd 2 evrything going great. Oh yea this is my last week of school yes i pass ed my finals woohoo yay me !lol but, i want know how are you guys i missed you but, i be checking in some more cuz u have free time not g2g cya

~Meka, Or Yuri~

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Monday, June 6, 2005

Me sorry i been gone but its really hot...
Its really hot, omg i cant take but my bday is this friday yay ^.^ woohoo i am so happy. But, the heat is unbarable in my house. God, i have a feeling i am going to fail my spanish test that sucks. sigh anyway i am luking for a new bg i have new music but g2g 4 now cya

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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

   Ok hi my Friends
Hey sorry i havent been updateing been busy, um dude i been on gaia online alot so if you need to reach me my name on there is Forsakenangel06, but anyway i see alot hasent been going. On my bday is soon i cant wait ill be 17 yea ^.^ i love it. Dude, my grandmother told me that trhe only way i could move in with Rin if he put engament ring on my finger i almost cryed. I love him so much. I cant wait to move its going be great. So i am going to go check ppl sites out cya =^.^= mew

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Friday, May 27, 2005

Hey pppl
I know havent updated been busy and sleepy nothing knew i got 11 days b4 my bday i am so happy its June 10 ill be 17 yay ^.^ woohoo. But i hooked melkiv and Vampiress Alexa up there bf and gf now yay. But, dude i want the system of the down cd so bad. Oh yay my melissa iz back i am so happy 2 i missed her so but, g2g cya
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Sunday, May 22, 2005

hey p[pl, what's going on
Hey ppl, i got a new bg and theme going on as you can see. Go visit my friend Melkiv and Vampiress Alexa. They just started and they new friends. I good on my part, everthing. I been chillan and evrything great i am going to write more of my Fan fiction if you havent read the first chapter go in my arcvives and read
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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Hey ppl,
whtas up, i am at school right, now its so ggreat dum de otakon yay my baby about to get a place. Hmm i cant wait until the move of advent of children come out i am going be so happy. If you guys want to know what i look like here some pics :

and the question of the day is What you fav charcter in my story so far?

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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

hey ev1
hey whats up i added another chapter yesterday its below this post if you want to read. whats going later nothing just preety much bored. finally got my nails off a i painted them black it feels good. But ill be checking around my o k cya

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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Who will love you a Vampire ,Demon, or a Fallen Angel
Chapter 11

Rin looks from down his tree from being in daze. He senses something behind him. He looks out the corna of his eye "What the hell", Rin says and looks. A tall man with dark blood eyes appear, "oh Rin it's me aren't you glad to see",he smirks. Rin stands up with his hands in his pockets. "Hmm, Shugo your a little late aren't you", Rin grins and his eyes glow crimson. "Now now, Rin you want to know why Yuri seems so familiar don't you. Riles telepathly speaks in Rin head, "don't do anything your going regret we might get some valuable info on Yuri", Riles says calmy. Rin looks with a glance and sees that Shugo had disappeared. Rin jumps down from the tree and lands on his feet his white trench coat falling back into place as a blackish-blushish strand falls in his
face. He looks toward the tree as Shugo stands behind.

Meanwhile, Merrianna finishs the mortals that she feed and lixs ha lips. She stands up and looks down the street. "I sense him, Rin he's close", she runs down the path. Riles appears in the shadow of a tree, and Trio jumps down from a nearby tree. Riles grabs Merrianna arm and looks down on her."You have been feeding i see", Riles glances and quietly says. "We need to find Rin, i sense him, he must've hidden his energy so wouldn't find him"Trio says. He looks at the two and they nood and run toward Rin and Shugo are.

Back with Rin and Shugo, "Why do you pester me i don't want to be bothered", Riun says and walks away. "Don't you want to know what this Yuri girl is?" Shugo laughs and smirks. Rin stops and looks down. "It is your fault isn't it that she won't wake isn't it,"Shugo gracefully says without a problem. "WHAT THE HELL DO I HAVE DO, SHE HAS NOTHING DO WITH THIS", Rin says as he turns around. "It makes you ma doesn't it", Shugo walks around Rin constintly saying. "You want to belive it but, you know what she is dont you?" Shugo laughs and vainshes. Rin looks up eyes glowing a bright crimson thunder starts to roll across the sky and it starts to rain. "You know it will never be" Shugo voice is heard fadeing in out. Rin glows a blue,"I sense that Rin not in a happy mood we need to hurry", Riles says qquickly and vainshes.
Shugo stands in front Rin,"You can't do anything about it can you ?"Shugo says grinning evily. Rin quickly grabs Shugo neck his fangs grow long" You hurt her i will kill you i promise...

Stayed tuned for another chapter

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