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Saturday, January 12, 2008

   1000 Words.
If there are some of you that dont know the lyrics to the song that Yuna sings in the Final Fantasy X-2,1000 words.I got them right here!^-^ Here you all are to those who are dying to know the lyrics!
Yuna:I know that you're
hiding things.Using gentle
words to shelter me.Your
words were like a dream.But
dreams could never fool me.
Not that easily.
I acted so distant then.
Didnt say goodbye before you
left.But I was listening.You
fight your battles far from me.
Far too easily.
Save your tears,cause I'll come
back.I could hear that you wispered.
As you walked through that door.But
still I strove to hide the pain when
I turned the pages.Shouting might
have been the answer.What if I cried
my eyes out and begged you not to
depart?But,now I am not afaraid to
Lenne:Whats in my heart!
Cause of a thousand words.Called out
through the ages.They'll fly to you.
Even though I cant see.I know they're
reaching you.Suspended on silver
Oh a thousand words.
A thousand embraces
Will cradle you.
Making all of your weariness
They'll hold you forever.
Lenne:Oh a thousand words.
(Yuna:A thousand words)Lenne:Have
never been spoken.(Yuna:Oh yeah)
Lenne:They'll fly to you.
Lenne:They'll carry you home.(Yuna:
Carry you home)Lenne:And,back into my
arms.Yuna:Suspended on silver wings.
(Lenne:Oh silver wings)
Yuna:And a thousand words.
(Lenne:Oh)Yuna:Called out through
the ages.(Lenne:Called through the
ages)Yuna:They'll cradle you.(Lenne:
Oh yeah)Yuna:They seem so lonely.Yuna:Holydays.
(Lenne:Holydays)Yuna:They'll hold you
forever!Yuna:Oh a thousand words.
Well,I hope that this helped you search for the lyrics of the song.Enjoy!

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