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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

   a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...
...there was a brazilian girl (codename: yunet) who stopped posting daily news on her myotaku page. Why? She has no idea. lol jk. It's prob a common reason why ppl don't post or stop posting on myO... the famous, the only, the indescribable! - school x.x

Right now I wouldn't have time for myO, but it's 3:40AM and I'm just tired of doing hw and need to take a break. My brain's about to explode u.u

HI GUYS! \o/ I missed you! I haven't been able to log in myO AT ALL! When I actually had time to log in (and inspiration to write a post, of course) either my internet connection would fall or theO was "under construction" or "experiencing problems". Oh, life!

No pics today =(
But tell me, tell me! What have you been up to? I'll read everyone's last post, but if there's anything special you want me to read, just tell me! I'd be more than happy to!

Ja ne~ ^_^

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