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Sup, everybody?! I'm Pain XIX cousin. She once own this site YunaX but she gave it to me becuase her brother is going to put a code to figure out her password. I'm from da ghetto and my older cousin is Bloodz which is Pain XIX older brother. I like ff becuase it's just fun to play it kills time in life don't u know dat? also it entertains u too. oh, whoever messes wit my cousin i'm gonna snap yo head, u got me?!

???:"Mooooooooooooooooooooom, I'm hungry!"
Mom:"And I'm mom. How r u, Hungry?"
???:"I'm not playin' around."
Mom:"Me niether. I'm serious."
???:"Hmm... really...?"(looks around)
Mom:"I'm waiting."
???:"Waiting 4 what?! I'm waiting 4 food 2 get in my belly!"
Mom:"You already ate, Hungry."
???:"I did?"
Mom:"Yea... oh, wait."
???:"Wait 4 what?"
Mom:"I forgot 2 show u your papers from the doctor when u were a baby. U suffered from short term memory lost."
???:"I did?"
Mom:"Yea, u ate 2 minutes ago and look at your birth certificate. It says Hungry Ape."
???:"Hmmm.... that explains why I'm so hairy."
Hungry:"I'm fine, mom. How about u?"