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1. No Chain Mails.
2. Sign my guestbook if you want to be my friend. Don't just PM me nd ask that way. It's very rude.
3. I'm rarely on, but I will come around once in a while. I'll post my own artwork very soon.
4. Do not PM me. I will not answer anymore. Unless it is an Art Trade, or Request.
5. Visit me often, and I won't neglect you.
6. Please use proper grammer. No chatroom language... keep that on AIM.
7. I like yaoi, a lot. Espically Naruto yaoi. If you don't like it, leave.
8. If I'm not on here, I am on DeviantART, or GaiaOnline.
9. I like heavy metal. Don't like it; once again... leave.
10. If you need help with your layout or having trouble, please ask me. I would like to help. :)


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Art Trades or Requests are closed at this moment. Will be back up soon. D:

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Holy shit, has it been a year since I've been away from everyone, my god. This is depressing, alright.

I'm sorry. D:

Well, anyways.. I'm mainly on GaiaOnline now as iKatie-Sama, so you can find me there. Add me and tell me you're from Otaku.

Love you all.


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