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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Okay to get every one up todated after not being able to do it there for awhile.

I have got my halloween party at my friends haouse this weekend and decied not to go as eney of the guys from dir en grey but as my own lil thing that i like to call punk rocker lol so firday night at midnight i will updated for you all.

Second my dad has a job and that is good. My best friend jesiica is also going to this party so that is good cause then i can talk to her with her step dad knowing cause he does not know that i am going. He thinks i am not goin got be there well he is just wrong and can keep thinking that.

Third: there has not beeen eney fighting what so ever betweeen me and my sibliengs for awhile witch is good casue i enjoy the peace and quite.

well that us about it and plus i do hope that you all are enjoying the new theam of MUCC and not dir en grey. so i will come back soon adn put up and mucc vid if you want you can watch it if not. you do not have to watch it and i will not force you to watch it.

Bye all

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