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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I know it has been a long time since i have stoped in on here to post on my site and have not been to any one elses site in along time. I hae just not had the time to do much of anything. With my siblings out for summer there staying up all night and all day on the computer. So its getting harder adn harder for me to get on and do what i want to do on here and my dad lets them get away with every thing. Yesterday was my b-day that is why i was not on here and for that past months i was busy with cleaning the house every morningi wake up. Siblings do nothing around here it is always left up to me. So i do more aroud here then they do. Well on the brighter side i have a mp3 on the way. My b-day may of not been much but for what it was it was okay and stuff. I was just flat out tired yeasterday. Been chillin out with a firend of mine lateley. I go over to her house just to get out of my house cause there is noting to do around here and she has a ds she lets ms play cause mine is GONE! and i can not get a new one till i the stimuluse check from there tax return comes in and even then i am not holding my breath on getting one cause my parents are the kinda that say they will do something and then they do not do it so i that is why i am not looking to get on even then. Guess thats is it for this day.

Video-The Ark-The Worring Kind

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