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Saturday, May 17, 2008

It has been along time
My my is has been along time since i have posted here on the myo in qiute some time. There has been alot that has gone on in my life that i have just not been wanting to post much on here cause i have jst needed to have my time to my self and all to short things out that have been happening with me. But know i am back once agin to post as much as i can when i am able to get on the computer in the kitchen with out getting ran off the computer by my siblings cause i hardly get on it as it is. this coming weekend is the weekend i have a friend come over and that my little sister graduates from high school this year and hopeflly next year my brother will be out of there. I am hopeing to be well past him by the end of october this year and just sit there and laugh in his face cause he is the one that said i would never do anything with my life well i plan to do this do he will shut up and i can laugh at him instead. Ya i know i talk alot about stuff like that. I have been getting into a new hoobie of makeing vidoes for youtube and i do reqest for people who would like one to be do that is.
Then there is my friend who is in a bad pradicumet right now that i do not want to say on here. Well let me wrap this up cause i am on my mom's laptop and do not want to be long on here at all cause it is not mine. Later to all

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