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Sunday, December 30, 2007

well this year is comeing to and end
Well as most of use know that this year is comeing to and end and there are alot of things that have been comeing and going in are lives. Stuff that has changed are lifes from what they once were. The years just seem to keep flying by
as the time pass. This year was kinda of a sad one for me cause i lost my grandmother but at least she is some were not suffering and watching over all her grandkinds and her husband in a better place. I am glade that i was able to travel alot this yeaar with my mother i have been to alot of diffrent states my newest state to add to were all i have been is Michigan but it would of been better if i could of borught along a friend of mine so she could get out of were she is at and start liveing with her finacee. Then i have made alot of friends i have keepa laot of them throw the year that i have had not had a fight with at all or a harsh word has been said between us I am also thankfull for all the new friends i have made while i am here on in Michigan I got one friend that i like to hange around the most cause he picks on me playfully and i can pick back at him cause he is very nice i will not menched his name as for it is something i promised i would not do to him so i am keeping my word to him.
This has been a good year for some and some it has been but in the end it has change who and what you are weather you know it or not. I want to say thank you to all on here who have been my friend even thought i have not been on much.

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