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Monday, October 29, 2007

Basicley its like 6:43 my time i am up and ready to get my ass off to school. My borther is up and takeing his ever loveing time to get a shower and he wounders why i get mad at him well i would not know why. Are very old kitty cat Taz died last nigth. At least he had a home and people who loved and cared for him like we did unlike his orgenily owners that were just going to abandone him out side to die. How many times will the dange mmyO go down with adam doing all these updates on it the server it is kinda anmoying but for the best i suppose. For my writieng class i have we had to write a ghost story for halloween. I wrote one based on Writers Bridges out here were i live at. Now i know there are some out there that do not belive in the paranormel stuff but i do so if ya do not thats you not me. You are who you are you like what you like you do as you do. I am not here to make fun of any one at all. Well Better get my ass off so i can get my stuff ready for school today.

Ps-I'll try to get to peeps that update there site sometime today when i return from my friends house after school.

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