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Monday, October 22, 2007

Last Night Was Funny
Last night i had one good laugh at waht happen to me and my family.

Last night my dad was letting out the dog bo. As soon as he walkes out the door and closes it he opens it again and says:Anita come here. She goes i do not even have shoes on. So my lil sister ask what is goin on he says come out side and you will see. So after a few minutes i went out to see what was going on i walk out and ask what is goin on my lil sister says there is a cow in are yard i walk back in laughing and my bro ask what is it. I go Moo. There's a cow in the yard he answers im like ya. So here we are me, my mom,dad and lil sis all out there laughing cause there is a cow in are yard eatting the grass and the lilys we had planted. If ya know the saying " The Grass is Greener on the other side" Well i think that one is true. Exspeicle to the cow that broke the fence down to get over here.

Also here is my first ever video for youtube.

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