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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sorry for not posting in suh a long time i have just been so busy with alot of stuff maniley school but i have a good nice two week break away from schools so i am happy about that one. I am back to shareing a computer with my siblings so that does not help me much cause then it is hard for me to get on here like i know i need to do but i can not do that. Then i have been getting ready to head out of town for the weekend to Kentukey to help my mom out do a wedding there. My computer as you can tell is still down and i duno what to do anymore i have tried every thing i could to get it back up and running but it is no use i will just have to leave it alone till i can figure out what it wrong with it. If ya have posted and i have not been by your site i am sory for that. I do try but like i said it is hard for me to get on here when i want to. I have two little dwarf rabbits named Brie and Oreo they are cute. Then i am in the midle of watching dome dvds little by little cause i have to watch them on the computer and it is hard to set all the way threw it at once. Them i am also playing my sister game The Sims 2 and that is a fun game.
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