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hey there ppl, feel free to sign my guestbook or look around & crap, altho there's not much to look at...OOh!! check out my art please if any of u guys want to, please comment & vote. well, hope u guys will wanna chat wit me or sumthin sumtime!!! later!!

p.s.-i take requests and art trades so dont be afraid or hesitate to ask!!

p.s.s.-i have an account at deviantart.com & its http://sadakoe.deviantart.com, so if u're a memeber there, feel free to say hi (say who u are here too^^), comment ona few pics, etc.^^

p.s.s.s.-listen to my friend midori45's podcast!!! (i believe it's mostly about .hack^^. quite awesome ^o^!!). go here: http://www.projectdothack.scottwrobinson.com/index.htm

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hey there, guys! Yep, this is my first post since....i dunno, awhile ago XD. Ummm, got some new art up as some of you might have noticed^^;. And i've got even more on the way :)! Haha, i think for the moment i've finally broken my dry spell XD!! Haha, hopefully all of you like my art and will continue to fav, comment, etc. so i can grow as an artist. Y'kno, give tips, criticisms (NO BASHING, ETC.!!!! I'M NOT GONNA TAKE THAT CRAP!!) ^_^. Well, talk to you all later :)!


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Friday, September 14, 2007

Hey there everybody, long time no see XD. I know, i've been gone a long time again -_-. gah! school/marching band/work are taking over my life DX!!! I miss the times when i could just draw, color, ink and submit like when i actually had time on my hands -_- *feels old already even tho is only 16 XD*. so ummm, i won't be able to draw until at LEAST after september 24th cuz i've got a lot of marching band things to do and a lot of deadlines for papers, homework in general, etc. -_-. so, just wanted to let you all know i'm not dead XD. and i will definately try to sign on more to at least answer messages promptly ^_^. stay safe guys :D!
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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

hi there, everyone ^o^!! yeah i know, i haven't put up a new post in like 2 months XD (pitiful, isn't it T_T.). anyways, i know that also i haven't put up any new art since june DX. i just haven't felt that "energy" to draw lately -_-. plus i've been super busy this summer :( . but, after the next...ohh...2-3 weeks i'm gonna force myself to start drawing again^^. and maybe put up some old works that i'll have re-touched ^_^. and if any of you have any requests, lay 'em on me and i'll do that(those) for ya :D. just definately after next week cuz i've got marching band camp T_T. god i don't know why i'm even still in marching band but i'm a junior in high school so i may as well be in it until i graduate -_-. so, i'll talk to you all later ^o^!!


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