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Friday, June 13, 2008

Moving On
So I got TWO new jobs. One at Baskin Robbins and the other at a place called Vector Marketing. They sell Cutco knives, but only to current customers and people who want us to come over.

I initially went to the interview at Vector to be an inbound call customer service associate, but the manager started explaining how things work and the representatives and how close they are and how they build each other up that I realized I could be a representative! I could go out and talk to people about stuff like this.

The people that work here are so close that after meetings, they get kicked out of the board room because they just stick around and talk to each other. They even go BOWLING together!
Isn't that silly?

Baskin Robbins just opened at the District next to Carl's Jr. and Applebee's, so they have all of these 15 and 16 year olds, but no one to manage them. I got hired on the spot as a Shift Leader. How great is that? Promotion is from within and they'll be looking for an assistant manager soon. I met the two other shift leaders. I can see myself being ahead of Laci, because she's nice, but not very managing. The other one, Brooke, I can totally see her being the next manager. She's very commanding and on the ball- which initially rubbed me the wrong way, but once I put my pride aside, we got along pretty well.

I keep forgetting to ask how much we make at Baskin Robbins, but I don't really care. We have so much fun laughing and dancing, especially when we close, that I'm not really there for the pay.

VECTOR on the other hand, has it all! Great working environment, career advancement and GREAT pay! $14.50 an hour, base pay with the possibility of commission being added to that! Jackpot!

So in other words, I'll be a busy girl this summer. Two jobs, both of which will work around one another, but take up a considerable amount of time, and I'll be applying to college for the fall semester at UVU.

I originally had my heart set on SLCC because it's so close to home and I'd be more comfortable there, but I realized, I NEED to get out of this house. I NEED to be on my own and I NEED to start dating people my own age and of my own interests.
No more circulating through the same people!

Oh, that's another thing about graduating, I can learn from and laugh about all the really stupid and horrible things I've done in the past and what other people have done to me!

OH! And I'll be volunteering at this year's Anime Banzai!!! I'm hoping to do cosplay, but it's not looking to great right now. No money, no material, no costume. I'm thinking of going as Kagura from Fruits Basket. She fits my personality better than Hanajima-san this year. *hugs* Love you all!

~The Indigo Butterfly


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