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Friday, September 9, 2005

just a quiz also...

You're China!

Big and powerful, you have a long history behind you with more good
and bad than you care to remember, or are really capable of remembering.  Lately, in
older age, you've gotten sort of crochety and even mean-spirited.  There is still a
lot that's beautiful about you, but most of the focus people have when they think about you
is how hard it is to work with you.  There's hope that you might start opening up to
people, but lots of people have bumper stickers about how much you should

Take the href="http://bluepyramid.org/ia/cquiz.htm">Country Quiz at the href="http://bluepyramid.org">Blue Pyramid

now for the also part what do you do when a friend you love and care for deeply will not talk to you when they chose not to even pay you any mind when you say hi to them? if your reading this you know who you are...*sighs* what happened to the friend that use to make me happy just cause she was there because she was `happy` or at least laughing and joking about now i know why i have been so sad lately not just because of Rin but because of you... i wount say your name cause i guess i ...dont know you any more now do i... im sorry...

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