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Saturday, January 13, 2007

I'm going with my dad weekend...

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Hello My Friends Once Again!

First off I want to say thanks for all of you!!^^ Becuase of my sis told the lie, people were calling me that for almost a month...but I want to make a few things clear, my sister told that lie when I was in 5th or the beginning of 6th grade, and she only said that lie to get my attention (atleast that what my mom says) how could a lie that spread like wildfire help someone get attention I have no clue...and another thing the day when I finish my first day of school with everyone calling me Lesbo I got so mad that since our floors are sorta slippery, I kicked a chair that slid to the other side of the room and hit my sis so hard she fell down crying like it broke her leg, I repeat like it broke her leg, she was okay...

Anyway like the subject says, I'm going with my dad this weekend, and that means no computer/laptop!! My dad doesn't have a laptop or a computer >_< I also have to start my project for science, and start making my "book" for English. *thinks* What did I do in school...oh yeah in art we had to make something made of clay a while back (keep forgetting to mention that) and we got it back yesterday and it looks like glass! And we made some "onion people" no their not made of onions, its just their bodies and heads sorta look like one. Anyway I made an angel! all the girls thought it was cute. David (a guy in most of my classes) made a cute penguin! Penguins are so cute...

Unfortunatly since we got all those back and Art is my first period I had to carry those around with me all day,my Kakashi backpack was already filled up with my books so I had to carry my binder, two wrapped things (those clay things I told you about, its a two part thing) and the paper onion angel! Numerous of times the angel's leg or arm fell of, luckly my teachers were nice enough that they let me use the glue while everyone was waiting for the bell to ring...

In english a guy in my class named Forest (no really, his name is Forest) did a book talk (they have to make a poster that tells about a book they liked, bring the book so people could see it and they have to tell sorta what the book is about) and it was about The Amulet Of Sakarmand, since it was the same book I did mine on, and he was sorta telling everyone that it was a boring book I raised my hand to ask some questions about it...well I raised my hand (waving it too) but Forest keep picking someone else!! A bunch of people near me tried to hide their laughter when they saw me waving my arm around like a crazy person trying to get Forest's attention, but he would pick someone else T_T either way I was the last one picked and I keep asking questions that made people want to read the book.
Actually these are my questions...

Me: By demon or whatever you said, you mean Bartimeaus right?
Forest: Yeah...
Me: And by boring parts you mean when they give you information of whats going on...
Forest: I gue-
Me: Then its not really boring cause without it the reader wont know whats going on
Forest: Sure...
Me: And about the over descriptive part, well since the story is mainly about demons that could change shape the author has to be sorta over descriptive or you wont know which is which
Forest: Fine, but he (the author) didn't need to talk about the scenery all the time
Me: But in the story there is a lot of things that take place in different areas, so he (the author) has to say how everything looks like, and so you know whats going on...

I wanted to add more, but then their was sorta like a debate thing, and everything was sorta out of hand since everyone wanted to do some kind of debate..oh well...

Now for lunch, well as usual I was in the back of the line. You see everyone cuts, there is 3 ways (that I have noticed) that people cut

1 - The Signal
A friend waits in line, when the teacher isn't looking the friend gives the signal to his/her other friends

2 - The Run
They run like some evil devil puppy is chasing them and when someone in line looks the other way, the cutter goes infront of him/her

3 - The Innocent Walk
They cut person per person (example - A kid just cuts one person, when teacher isn't looking the cutter runs to cut another, and when the teachers looks back they pretend that nothing happend)

Two days ago because of those dam cutters there was nothing to eat other than milk and cookies (but there was only 4 cookies left when I finally got a chance to eat something) *sigh* well yesterday I was lucky enough to get pizza!!^^


1) Do you buy lunch or bring your own lunch to school? If you buy lunch, do you cut people? if you don't go to school, then do you just hurry to the nearest fast food, or make your own lunch?

2) Have you ever felt invisible? Like you want to get someones attention, but they sorta see right through you

See ya and take care!!^^

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