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Sunday, January 7, 2007

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Hello Everyone!^^

Yesterday went okay. The birthday party (remember? the birthday I told you about in my other post), well...me and my sis were mostly out of the way. Since we felt sorta weird around everyone. We were inside our room till Natalie and her sister came to visit. There, well...things got sorta radom. By that I mean I starting shouting radom things.

After awhile, Angel (Karunia's [I keep forgetting how to spell her name] friend that is sorta like a brother to her) and Gelbert came in and since I am sorta a push over around people I don't know I let them use the laptop. Then there was some aurgument, and Angel threw something at Gelbert, and Gelbert looked around for something to throw back and guess where he was about to look in? If you guess my underwear drawer then your right! I had to put my hand on the drawer and yell "Ewww!! You pervert!!!"

Unfortunatly I couldn't hear nothing on the t.v. So I barely understood Trinity Blood, Bleach and Eureka 7. *sigh* oh and Gelbert started saying some cuss words at my sis, and then my sis attacked him! I kid you not, she was puching him and everything! (they were playing around) and I was laughing and writting a poem...

Yeah that was pretty much my day.

A worthless creature
a failer
that what they always told me

Rejected by everyone
hated by everyone
only because of the blood that runs through my veins

Only my own "kind" accepts me
only them sees me who I really am
only them and I know our suffering they give us

Bottled up,
my anger, my sorrow
ready to break free

Trapped here
rejected, hated
why must it be this way?

They only see my skin
already I'm rejected by them
never knowing the real me

This is the life I'm forced to live
I still hope for a better life

Even with the pain
even with all the obstacles
even with the sorrow

I still hope for a better life
hope for a way out
hope for them to see who I really am

I know its foolish
I know it may never come true
But I still hope either way

Call me a fool
call me whatever you want
I still hope for a better life


1) How did you find out about Myotaku?

2) What was the first anime show you ever seen?

See ya and take care!^^

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