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Saturday, January 6, 2007

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Hi Everyone!^-^

Hey why didn't anyone visit me? I fell so rejected... I mean I understand being busy and all, but couldn't you just say "Hi! Sorry no time to read your post!" or something like that.

*sigh* Oh well, anyway nothing much happend yesterday, I had to take some tests, and I have to make a "book" about King Aurthor in English. Today is going to be my mom's boyfriend's daughter's party. A lot of her friends are coming, so my mom bought some funiture since the house is sorta empty.

Me and Karina talked about a few things. Such as if its true or not that divorce and the parents arguments and anything like that affects the kids. We both agreed that it does. My babysitter told me once, that there was this little girl (and I mean little, she was around 3-6 years old) and her parents always fought and then one day the dad just came with a gun and killed the mother and then he shot himself, right infront of the girl! Now the girl is a super model, has money, everything except that she'll never have a husband. Reason is cause she is so scared that the husband gonna kill her like her dad did to her mom. see? the aurguments, and fighting did affect her...so why not the other kids? My mom always gets me bad when she says it has nothing to do with the kids...

Yesterday me and my mom had another aurgument about the divorce, Louis, the marraige...everything! For those who forgot, right after my mom suddenly said that she and my dad are getting divorce, we got to some roller coster park. We thought it was a way to cheer us up from our parents divorce, but nope. It was to meet my mom's boyfriend. Then after a few more days, he asks my mom to marry him and she says yes! And now we moved, he lives with us, my dad moved in with his girlfriend and my mom is getting married with Louis in August... and my mom just said that she and my dad were separated for 3 years!! And they never thought to tell their three kids who didn't know a thing. Except for the oldest one (me) who kept telling herself that her parents are just having trouble, but in truth my parents were seeing other people! Okay, not exactly that, they were meeting other people... I am still not used to the whole divorce thing, much less the idea of having a guy that I am still getting to know, kissing my mother! And my dad is with another woman....


1) Do you believe that divorce, arguments between parents, or anything like that affects the children?

2) Ever felt that life is just too fast for you? Like one second someone says something (example my mom just said she and my dad are going to get divorce) and then someone says something else (example, mom says Louis is now her boyfriend, and now they're getting married!)

3) Do you think its selfish/mean for me to kept talking about the divorce, marrage, separation with my mom, even when it usually ends with my mom crying? I mean all I want to know why didn't they think about telling us anything! Is that so mean?

See ya and take care!

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