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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Do not remove credits!

All you have to do is copy and paste the layout.You will need to paste everything in your Post Styles and check the Slow but advanced customization.Also you will need to remove everything in your profile.Then go to your Edit Styles and put #XXXXXX in all the boxes.that should do it.

Pretty much everything on the layout is hosted as far as images and whatnot.

Replace the Navigation and Link to anything you want.

You may remove the Introduction part if your not going to use it.Remove everything from the < !--Start Introduction-- > to < !--End Introduction-- >

If you need help with the comments please email me at puppyinuyasha311@hotmail.com

Hi everyone!

I changed my theme!^-^

Okay, seems some of you got confused, my dad is the boss for a company called O.G Installations, and he is also selling snakes and (i think) mice. Some mice are food for the snakes, some are for pets. No more confusion?

In New Years Eve, we went to my dad's parents place (as usual), there I planned to update, since my grandparents have a computer, but sadly I could not go to Myo. I have no idea why. So instead I updated my myspace, and my freewebs site. When it was time for dinner...well I couldn't hear anyone screaming my name, till my cousins (they are around 5-6 years old) started screaming "Ivon! A Comer!" (translation - Ivon! Dinner!) my sis later on said one of them started bagging on the wall while screaming. When I came down, I was stuck in the grown up table T_T (grown up table means I had no one to talk to) and the spagatti (which was great) was almost gone! *sob* Then the countdown began, and when new years started as usual it is our custom to hung everyone (Briana and Alex, my dad's girlfriend's kids, didn't know why there was so much hugging)

Today, even though I was suppose to, I didn't go to school cause my dad couldn't call my mom cause his phone didn't work, and my mom couldn't call my dad, so neither of them knew when to drop me, my sis, and my brother off at the gas station. Until finally around 11PM we came to the gas station, there we said bye to my dad, and when we came home it was around midnight. Because of that, my mom decided to let us not to go to school, since we would probably sleep through every class.

I am currently still home alone. My brother and sister are with my sis's friend house, my mom is in her class, and my mom's boyfriend is somewhere. I keep hearing some noise outside...oh well, its probably nothing.


1) What did you do for New Years?

2) Do you believe in destiny? Why or why not?

3) What is your most embarassing moment?

See ya and take care!!

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