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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Do not remove credits!

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Hi everyone!^^

Today me and my mom went to buy some puppy food, puppy things, blankets, some more things. And we did, and I bought the sequel to the book "A Child Called "It" " the book is called "The Lost Boy", I can't wait to read it!^^

Oh and also me and my mom went to get my mom a passport (me, my sis, and my bro are getting one later) and it took so long T_T the line was super slow, but either way my mom did what she had to do and she will be getting the passport in 2 weeks. Oh when my mom was coming from the bank (I was waiting in the car) I guess she forgot where she left the car and was looking everywhere for it, if I haven't came out to get her she probably be starting yelling " Ivon?!? Where are you?" Then when I got her, she started saying how I embaressed her by calling out "Mom?? What the hell are you doing? The car is this way!"

Thats the only thing to tell, unfortunatly I still have trouble with seeing everyone's post. I hate internet explorer now. I should have never upgraded it.

Almost forgot to mention, tomorrow I mean today! its still December 29 here, I am going to my dad's place. Unfortunatly my dad's place is with his girlfriend's house where there is no computer or laptop. I am sorry that I wont be able to post till the New Years, or when I go to school. Still can't believe the break was so short, I'll miss the sleeping ins.


1) What is your favorite food?

2) What does your name mean?

3) What kind of movies do you like?

4) What is your best memory of 2006?

see ya and take care!^^

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