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Thursday, December 21, 2006

I had the weirdest dream ever!

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Nothing really happend yesterday, we went shopping and I bought the book called A Child Called "It" , its about a child who gets abused my his mother. The mother beats him up, and plays these "games" that almost leave him dead, like in winter she makes him stay in a bathtub naked and the water is super cold and his head must be under water...and sometimes while the boy has to clean the bathroom the mother put a bucket that has something that makes something the makes the boy...well nearly dead...

Its sad...since the boy tries so hard, but the mother never feeds him, except every 3 days or sometimes 10 days when the mother feeds him something that dogs wont even eat...sad story, but the boy is still alive, the story is true and the boy who is now a man wrote it.

Okay well other than that nothing, other than I had a super weird dream, I don't remember how it started but I found myself in a car with well, the homocely (or however you spell it) from Full Metal Alchemist, except that everyone was aboy except for Envy, envy was a girl...I kid you not. Then we went in the mall, and everyone went to a part of the store and started stealing things except me and Evny, we just started talking and looking at stuff and would steal things from time to time...

Then we ran outside (why? I don't know) Envy and me went throught the back and when we turned to get the others we found them sorrounded by cops and super heros! I kid you not, there was superman wonderwoman the green lantern (or something like that) and I think batman was there..

Then I found myself in a movie theater, except that everything was black, people are talking and the screen was BEHIND us. Then some guy came up and started talking about some directors and asking questions that includes numbers...and some girl with big eyes came up and she was in manga form, (you know black and white) and passed out some cards...and I think she was trying to tell me something, but then I heard some scream you hear in horror movies from girls who turns around and sees the guy who kills everyone...

Then I woke up, found out the scream came from my sister. Her hands we on the door when it closed you know the oppisite side of the door knob...she put her hand not on side of the door knob but the other, and when it closed...well her hand was still there..

I also made a christmas card!^^ I started private messaging everyone to give them the url for it, but I ran out of time. Sorry if I hadn't gave you the card! I'll give it to everyone today.


1) What was your weirdest dream ever?

2) Have you ever before heard of the book called A child called "it"?

4) Have you bought the christmas presents?

5) Did you notice that there was no question 3?

See ya and take care!^^

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