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Sunday, December 17, 2006

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Hi everyone!!^^

Good News and Bad news...

Good News: I Watched Eragon! I made it to just about everyones site (I haven't done that in awhile) and I played DDR and was somewhat good at it!!^^

Bad News: They left out a bunch of stuff in Eragon (it was great though, but in my opinion the books is way better), I am sleeping over at my dad's girlfriends apartment, and she doesn't have a computer, I wont get to visit anyone (I am currently in my dad's work using a computer) and my feet hurt from slamming my feet on the steps things...and I am sweaty...me and Arianda (my dad's girlfriend's daughter) couldn't stop playing.

So thats sorta how my day went. When we were at my dad's girlfriend's apartment we played hide and seek, and everyone except me and my sis (though she was counting so I don't think its counts on her). Everyone else went hiding inside the apartment...while I was hiding under my dad's car...

Me: *hiding under car*

My Sis: *sees something under car that looks like my little brother* *goes closer to car*

Me: *panking so I start to find other place to hide* *gets up a little to move* *hits head on something on head*

My Sis: O.o *sees something trying to get away* *gets closer*

Me: *starts trying to worm my out* *feels something wet on back* *prays its not a puppy's bussiness*

My sis found after that...and the thing that I felt wet and water (it was raining and it stopped when we started playing)

When I told everyone else...showing how I hit the thing under the car everyone laughed...very rude if you ask me.


1) Have you ever hide under a car?

2) What are your bad habbits?

3) Have you seen a snake eat a mouse? If not well the snake first well, not sure since my dad always makes the mouse paralized, but after that the snake slowly squizzes the mouse and starts to well swallow it...very slowly...

See ya and take care!!^^

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