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Sunday, December 3, 2006

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Helle everyone!^^

Sorry for not posting yesterday but when I finished printing the things I needed for my project in the library I decided to visit some of you

Right now I am in Mexico, just in case if some of you forgot since my parents are divorce one weekend I spend with my mom, and Louis and my soon to be step sisters come to visit, and in another weekend I spend it with my dad, and his girlfriend and her 2 kids

Most of the day I slept, since I went to sleep late T_T I have been going to sleep around 1 am lately, including on school nights...

But this time I just couldn't wake up, my babysitter did everything she could but nothing work, and that meant taking away my blankets (and the room was cold) taking off my socks so my feet were now cold, letting my sister to do a body slam on me....

Nothing worked, but now my babysitter has permission to throw water at me...

Oh and when my dad left me and my sis with Marta (his girlfriend) and her daughter I got to hold her snake! I never held a snake before! My sister was so scared, and Marta doesn't like snakes, she is sorta scared of them...but she really was scared when I put the snake (who is a girl) on my head and left the snake there, and the snake would sometimes go on my face...

Well then Marta left her daughter, my sis, and me at my grandma's but before that we were yelling and pushing the doorbell and calling my uncle who was asleep in the house where no one else was there...

It took forever for him to wake up, oh well, when my uncle is sleepy and no one else is around we could do anything we want as long as we don't bother him

We saw the puppies, they were so cute! They just started to eat by themsleves, and for some odd reason they kept going were I go...they wouldn't give me any place to put my feet on. There was this one puppy (his name is Gordo) who kept trying to eat my jeans, and then other puppies started to bite my pants...

I think thats all I got to say about that, well in a completly different topic, my sis and me have to share rooms, and since the whole house was white our room is also white, so I started to put up posters, and cut outs of magazines, so now my side of the room looks like one big colledge (is that how you spell it?)

Oh and guess what! In the master's bathroom we have a jaquzi (i know thats not how to spell it)

In other news the school is big but unfortunatly the school doesn't have lockers. I also made many friends, my first friend I made was ummm... just great I forgot my very first friend's name, but anyway since she was my friend she introduced me to her other friends, who are my friends, then I meet Lauren, and since I am her friend she told me just about everyone's names, and then I meet Summer, and now her friends are mine, and finally I am starting to be friends with Kahla, she reminds a lot of Kaylin (my friend back in San Diego)

In my science class there is another girl named Summer and she is really annoying, but atleast she is not as annoying as those other kids in my other school

Okay before I make my questions I must tell you about a 300 paged book that I read in less than a day (I am so proud of myself for that) well its called After and the reason why I mention it is cause it has all the reasons why there shouldn't be so many locker checks, drug tests, and mental detectors in the school...

The setting takes place in Central but the reason for the many disaperances start in Spleasant Valley where three kids who no one knew locked up everyone in PE in the gym and killed everyone inside, including themselves. Because Pleasant Valley, Central High School hired this man (Mr. Wilner or something) to make sure nothing like that happends in Central or in the high school...well on the first day there was new rules, such has no baggy pants, no long jackets at knee leghth (since the three kids who killed everyone in the gym wore jakets at knee leghth) and no chains or mental of any sort, everything okay right? I mean no one would care about those rules except one...which meant absolutly NO RED! So that meant Stephanie (a girl in the story) couldn't (or not allowed to) wear the red ribbon she always wears in the memory of her brother who died of AIDs

On the next day the boy who the story is about sees a long line, for what you ask? well the school bought those metal detectors you see in air ports, and not only that they hired three security guards like you see in metal detectors and they check your backpack like in the air port! Not only that girls had to take out any "personal items" infront of everyone! And they had someone to take off and put on the braces on some kids so they can go pass the mental detectors, and the boy saw that some kids had to go back and forth on the metal detector but this one girl had to do it just cause a security guard didn't like her face

Then he sees Stephanie with her red ribbon, and her new 2 day suspention...now you say that stephanie learned her lesson and wont wear her ribbon anymore, but saddly on the third day where Stephanie was suppose to come back...well no one saw her again...

As time passed there was this drug test if you wanted to be in a team sport...well that meant that you had to go in a bathroom with a teacher waiting for you outside while you tried to "relieve yourslef" in some paper cup! Then they put something on it and if it changes color then your on drugs and you get a 2 day suspention (remember Stephanie? everyone in the story did and they don't want to disappear)

Now for you to know none of the teachers liked it no one did, but then a new rule came, and that was no cell phones! You saying there is no cell phones in school anyway, but in the story if you brought a cell phone with you it goes to the trash...well in the class a girl's cell phone rang, and well the teacher didn't want the girl to get in trouble...so she made everyone promise not tell anyone, well the next day the teacher never came back...

[my fingures are starting to get numb, so please forgive my bad spelling or any typos]

So far 2 people disappeared, well then one of Tom's friends Silas (oh Tom is the person the story is about...forgot to mention that) was in the team so when Mr. Wilner told him the drug test was radom and the coach couldn't take any voleenters well there went Silas...

what happend to him? well he went to Camp Turnaround where people leave kids in the middle of nowhere with no found or water (except bread but that was only if the kid ended up in the middle of the desert) and most of the time (that if its not all the time) the kids die...now you ask what about his mom? she got brainwashed...no I'm not lying...

Same thing happend to Avery another of Tom's friemds. and his reason was cause he found out what is happening to Pleasant Valley...

Now you asked how Avery found out and what is happening right? well not gonna tell you!

I my fingures are so numb right now for all the typing so if you want to read the book look for a book called After


1) Have your fingures ever gotten numb cause you typed too much?

2) How late do you go to sleep?

3) Do you have a hard time to wake up?

See ya and take care!!^^

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