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Saturday, November 4, 2006

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Hello everyone!^^

I changed my theme! well not really, now instead of Ichigo from Bleach, I got Rukia from Bleach!^^

Well I noticed that one of you got confuse, and maybe others may have, well here it goes, I currently still in San Diego that is in California in the house that I am leaving...okay? and we are moving to Temecula that is also in California K? got it..

Now Southwest is the name of the school that I just left....so no more confusion? okay...on with the post!

Today was wonderful!

yesterday I got a lot of my friend's phone numbers, and they said good bye to me

Unfortunatly since it was my last day, I had to turn in my books, and since we don't have lockers I had to carry all my books T_T except my english book that my english teacher had...

well during lunch I went to turn in my text books so I wouldn't get in trouble, so I did with my friends, but then it took some time, I told the librarian that I was leaving, so she told me that I have to go to the consuling center and talk to some lady...

well I did and I ended up going to get my english, well my teacher wasn't there, so instead there was this lady...who was talking to some kids...so I waited...and waited T_T until finally I got my book...

then I when I turned that in, I had to go to every class to get my grades...well I got a trix from the student teacher for my math class, I also said goodbye when I saw my friends *sigh* I sorta felt like crying...but then I hold it in..

then when everything was over, the consuling lady called my mom, and I found out my mom was coming to school >.> then I went to my six period, and then when class was over I had to go to the consuling center cause my mom was there, and when I came in, I found out that my mom already left *rolls eyes*

Then I went to the after school program, we got snacks, and watched a movie! Unfortunatly no pizza *sob* they couldn't get pizza...oh well...

Then guess what! My mom, Louis, and my brother came to pick me up...but since my brother was in a bad mood, well I got in a bad mood...

then when he complained that he wanted to play outside (and I tell you right now it was already dark, and no one was outside) and then my mom said that if she does let him go play outside he'll get killed by some car or something, then guess what he said! He said "well then let Ivon go outside, so she dies"

that absolutly hurt my feelings! I was already sad about leaving my friends, but now my brother wants me dead!! So I did what I always do, I went up the stairs, but since I was stomping (oh some other words that means your hitting the stairs while you go up) and everyone heard it, and then slamed the door that my sister heard it, and then kicked it...

my sister was running out of her room, cause she thought that someone was getting hurt or something...

then when she found out what happend, she had an aurgument with my brother, *shakes head in disbelief* I still can't believe that my sis actually was on my side...and she was getting mad cause of what oscar (my little brothera) said to me...

but I only heard the last part of the aurgument, cause I was crying...yep you heard me...I was crying, I am not the crying type, I usually bottle up my feelings, or hit something (such as my wall)...the last time I cried was about more than a year ago, and the reason was my sis, she told a lie that everyone else believed...but that wouldn't interest you guys..

well my sis just helped me pack somethings, I only got a few things to go...*sigh* I really don't want to move!!*sob*

Unfortunatly no jokes...sorry!


1) Have your brother or sister ever said they wish you were dead?

2) do you have a bad habbit? If so what is it?

219) >.< I was packing something...and then something really really hard feel on my toe! My poor toe!!

See ya and take care

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