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Thursday, October 26, 2006

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Hello everyone!!^^

Well today at spanish class I had to repersent my colash...I was second to last so I was kinda ready...i had some naruto things on it, bleach, my favorite ice cream, my favorite cookies, the i-pod I want, the laptop I want...and a picture of me in the 5th grade...

Well nothing much happend today other than that..

Seki: What about your mom being late?

oh yeah...well after school I told my mom to pick me up...so when I got outside..my mom wasn't there so I thought she was a little late.. but then after a long time waiting I went to ask the principal if I could use the school's phone that they give to the people who stay outside making sure that no one gets kidnapped.. well I called my mom...but I had to leave a message cause my mom didn't pick up..

So then I waited some more...

Kurai: and more...and more...

>.> yep..and then after much thinking (I had plently of time of thinking) I decided to walk home since it was getting late and everyone (a few kids [and I mean a few kids] and a teacher) were all on the other side of the school...so then while walking I noticed my friend Tanya was there..so I waited for her to catch up...and we talked..and then I found out that she had a cell phone...>.< no fair!!

Seki: T_T shes just mad cause she doesn't have a cell phone

Well its not my fault that my dad doesn't get me a cell phone!! >.> well on with the story...then while walking..then I saw my mom driving back home...when she pulled over my friend Tanya asked if she was my mom..and then said (after I told her that my mom was my mom) that we don't look alike..

Seki: that is true...you two don't even have the same skin color...

True...I guess I look more like my dad...>.> I have no idea why people say me and my mom look so much alike...

well I asked her if she wanted a ride home but when she said no *laugh* my mom looked at the mirror..*laugh* her expression was priceless..

when I waved good bye to my friend from the car and said " Look I am in a car while your walking!!" (not nice but I was sorta hyper) my mom asked me if she looked alright...

I guess my mom was thinking that Tanya thought my mom was well...not right upstairs or something..

Oh well...then I asked her why she was 35 minutes late...and her answer was

my mom: I was talking at the phone...

Okay...I know that she talks a lot (mostly on the phone) but couldn't she just talk on her cell phone while driving to school? *sigh* oh well..

Since you seem to like the jokes I decided to put some more..

Todays Jokes

Once upon a time, there lived a man who had a terrible passion for baked beans. He loved them, but they always had an embarrassing and somewhat lively reaction on him. One day he met a girl and fell in love. When it became apparent that they would marry, he thought to himself, she'll never go through with the marriage with me carrying on like this, so he made the supreme sacrifice and gave up beans.

Shortly after that they were married. A few months later, on his birthday and on the way home from work, his car broke down. Since they lived in the country, he called his wife and told her that he would be late because he had to walk home. On his way home, he passed a small cafe and the wonderful aroma of baked beans overwhelmed him. Since he still had several miles to walk he figured he could walk off any ill affects before he got home. It was, after all, his birthday. So he went in and ordered, and before leaving had 3 extra large helpings of baked beans.

All the way home he putt-putted. By the time he arrived home he felt reasonably safe. His wife met him at the door and seemed somewhat excited. She exclaimed, "Darling, I have the most wonderful surprise for you for dinner tonight!" She put a blindfold on him, and led him to his chair at the head of the table and made him promise not to peak. At this point he was beginning to feel another one coming on. Just as his wife was about to remove the blindfold, the telephone rang. She again made him promise not to peek until she returned, and away she went to answer the phone. While she was gone, he seized the opportunity. He shifted his weight to one leg and let go. It was not only loud, but ripe as a rotten egg. He had a hard time breathing, so he felt for his napkin and fanned the air about him. He had just started to feel better, when another urge came on. He raised his leg and RRIIPPP !!! It sounded like a diesel engine revving, and smelled worse. To keep from gagging, he tried fanning his arms a while, hoping the smell would dissipate. He got another urge. This was a real blue ribbon winner, the windows shook, the dishes on the table rattled and a minute later the flowers on the table were dead.

With his blindfold still on, when he heard the phone farewells he neatly laid his napkin on his lap and folded his hands on top of it. Smiling contentedly, he was the picture of innocence when his wife walked in. Apologizing for taking so long, she asked if he had peeked at the dinner table. After assuring her he had not peeked, she removed the blindfold and yelled, "SURPRISE!!!"

To his shock and horror, there were twelve dinner guests seated around the table for his surprise birthday party.
One Christmas Eve, a frenzied young man ran into a pet shop looking for an unusual Christmas gift for his wife. The shop owner suggested a parrot, named Chet, which could sing famous Christmas carols. This seemed like the perfect gift. "How do I get him to sing?" The young man asked, excitedly. "Simply hold a lighted match directly under his feet." was the shop owner's reply. The shop owner Chet began to sing: "Jingle Bells! Jingle Bells! ..." The shop owner then held another match under the parrot's right foot. Then Chet's tune changed, and the air was filled with: " Silent Night. Holy Night..."

The young man was so impressed that he paid the shop-keeper and ran home as quickly as he could with Chet under his arm. When the wife saw her gift she was overwhelmed. "How beautiful!" She exclaimed, "Can he talk?" "No," the young man replied, "But he can sing. Let me show you." So the young man whipped out his lighter and placed it under Chet's left foot, as the shop-keeper had shown him, and Chet crooned: "Jingle Bells! Jingle Bells!..." The man then moved the lighter to Chet's right foot, and out came: "Silent Night. Holy Night..."

The wife, her face filled with curiosity, then asked, "What if we hold the lighter between his legs?" The man did not know. "Let's try it." He answered, eager to please his wife. So they held the lighter between Chet's legs. Chet twisted his face, cleared his throat, the little parrot sang out loudly (like it was the performance of his life): "Chet's nuts roasting on an open fire...."


1) Have you ever been outside school waiting for someone to pick you up and their excuse wasn't really an excuse?

32134134234) ZzzZzZzzZzZZ

4387261385471239461823462138746238954678237645812) how many 4s and 8s are there in 4387261385471239461823462138746238954678237645812

273462) Are you annoyed by my questions?

See ya and take care!!^^

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