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Monday, October 16, 2006

Do not remove credits!

All you have to do is copy and paste the layout.You will need to paste everything in your Post Styles and check the Slow but advanced customization.Also you will need to remove everything in your profile.Then go to your Edit Styles and put #XXXXXX in all the boxes.that should do it.

Pretty much everything on the layout is hosted as far as images and whatnot.

Replace the Navigation and Link to anything you want.

You may remove the Introduction part if your not going to use it.Remove everything from the < !--Start Introduction-- > to < !--End Introduction-- >

If you need help with the comments please email me at puppyinuyasha311@hotmail.com

HI everyone! Sorry for not being able to update earlier. Nothing much happend, during P.E we played softball, and well the softball hit a boy in well..the thing that boys have and girls don't me and my friend Kailing started laughing! Unfortunatly we lost.. the other team had 15 (really 13 cause two people didn't touch the bases so two didn't count) and our team had 1

Dam...everyone else won atleast 2..but we didn't won at all../).(\ we are terrible at softball once it was 20 something to 0

Seems everyone (that seen it) thought the vid. yesterday thought it was funny...

*throws confetti* just now some teacher said on friday we are gonna carve pumkins!! I never carved a pumkin before..I can't wait!

Well the reason why I didn't get a chance to update sooner is cause my mom was looking for a new job..not much luck.. oh well..

>.< I need to go to the bathroom so badly but all the school's bathroom is locked (I am in school right now) NO FAIR!! >.< just when I really got to go..all the bathrooms are locked..


1) Have you really had to go to the bathroom but for some reason you can't?

66666) Look whats behind you??

917342) NOOO!! I found out I can't go to Youtube!! *sob*

See ya and take care!!^^

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