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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Do not remove credits!

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Hello my friends!! Well today i once again had a marvelous day!

Lets see, I went to temecula yesterday, there I went to an arcade, it was fun! I went on some kocarts (I have no idea how to spell it) and on my first time on it, well I was number 1! I was in second palce, and there was this once guy who was ahead of me...it took some time but I beat him! YAY ME!! I AM THE KING OF THE KOCART TRACK!!

Kurai: O.o don't you mean queen??

Oh yeah...well either way I was in first place!! Go Me! Oh and then my mom was on one and guess what I said to her and my bro? I screamed "Move Over!!" then a bumped into them..*laugh* my mom and bro were like O.o and then when I went again..well the little cars don't go at the same time, so one line go first and the other comes up, well since I was in the second line it was harder for me to go to first, but either way, I passed a bunch of people on the first line, but there was this one guy (who was in the car 16) and well, he had to look back at me just to make sure I am right behind him, cause I was doing everything I can to get in front of him

Seki: even bumping (witch is not permitted but a lot of people were doing that) and then Yug passed him

That cause he had to make room or I would have just bump into his car so hard he would go bye bye, nope not kidding..*laugh* it was so much fun beating all the people


17293658165316273) what you doing??

6712) I am currently watching Bleach, GO BLEACH!!

19823) DO THE CHIBI! /)O.O/) (\O.O(\ /)O.O(\ (\O.O/)

P.S My friend Tamako315 had this on her post, and I had to share it with you

See ya and take care!!^^

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